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Techfit Period-Proof Biker Short Tights





Reviews (47)

Absolutely love these biker shorts! The fit is like no other & super comfortable!

The fact they are period shorts, are excellent, no worries about gym, cycling etc.

Good purchase. Love the additional protection of the inner layer

A great product. perfect fit. feel very protected.

I love these short so much that I'm about to order another pair in another color and I haven't use them for what they say they are specifically made for but I like how they fit.

They fit exactly the way i thought they would. Not see through

It also keep you firm as you move. I will buy this in all available colors.

Love the material of the pants, due to my petite size is the length is long

Great fit! I tried it for a long run and felt nice!

I love the material, not only that but it’s very comfortable & now I don’t have to worry about my monthly leaking through

Such a fabulous idea! Thank you Adidas! So comfortable and wash well too!

I was very excited to get some shorts that would allow me to stay cool and dry for prolonged periods of time.

happy with purchase and would 100% recommend to anyone to wear/try

I have bad periods. I hate wearing joggers and cycling shorts and layering up on underwear and or pads. This product hides the pads amazingly well. It also amazingly prevents leaks. I use this as a layer under anything I wear on my period (and off) just to be safe, but I have never leaked through and it does amazingly well. Would 100% recommend for anyone using for sports.

Would recommend for any woman for any sport and not just for period days for all those days when you need a little padding for those slight leak bladder moments. Liked them so much purchased them for my daughter in law for xmas

I was a little unsure about these but now I love them. They are so comfortable and the perfect length

This short is not only for do exercise, it’s perfect for use it at home.

Worth the money! Superb quality! Great style and comfort with this shorts! Excellent to wear when biking!

Granddaughter just turned 12, is in middle school, and plays soccer. She love, love, loves these shorts for school and soccer practice. They give her an extra level of confidence that if she's menstruating she'll be comfortable.

I love the fit of these shorts. What a great purchase! Will buy again.

This fits great. The material is soft and comfortable.

Perfect comfort and did not slide down during workout.

These tights were very comfortable and the side pocket was very convenient.

Non see through side pocket is a great addition. Shorts don’t ride up legs which was nice

Great fitted shorts, would be perfect for cycling or any sport really!

I bought these at an event. Tried them out the week they arrived and they worked as advertised! I used them late in the day on Day 1 of my period, no other underwears or such. No leakage. I also love the side pockets and the length of the leggings. I’ll probably get another pair soon.

Nice to have shorts that have a decent pocket like the leggings. I'd prefer them a tiny bit shorter I think. They were slightly tight (but not by much).

there are panties inside, i expected extra layer or technological fabric but not panties inside. If i need periodical panties i will buy the separatly. the short isn’t tight at all, no support at all. I don’t like it. waistband is poor quality. don’t recommend.

I like the pants and they fit nicely. The only thing I don’t like is the waist band. It’s that thick stretchy band. It’s a personal pet peeve as I always find that material shrinks after a few washes. However everything else is great

High waisted, and not too tight(especially for bloated days), and super comfy and soft. Best part is that it's not thick and it's very airy-feeling. Inner liner is great, but gets a bit of getting use to. Definitely size correctly. Wrong size will feel uncomfortable.

Nice fit, really nice product, highly recommended.

I have told ALL my friends and coworkers about these! Literally couldn't be happier with the fit or feel! My butt looks great in them and they have a pocket. Plus the length is very comfortable. I play in an adult volleyball league (outside) and they are my most comfortable and breathable pair of biker shorts I have. I cannot rave enough about how great they are. And I truly never worry about leakage during that time of the month! Ladies - BUY!

These are super comfy and I love the high waist and the amount of compression!

Love these bike shorts! Very comfortable for biking, working out or just hanging around. The pocket is great for a phone or a key. Easy to wash; dry in dryer on low.

Love these bike shorts! Fit is great and they do not fall off which is great.

These biker shorts come with a hidden pocket for your phone! Great to workout in or chill in the sun. I sill definitely be buying another pair in the future for sure.

Love them, very comfortable and they’re period proof

LOVE these biker shorts because they are the perfect length and the elastic bands don’t cut into my skin. I’m actually on my period right now and feel REALLY safe from leakage! 5 out of 5 stars!

The best thing about the shorts is that they're hugging your body in places you need the additional support, but are not too tight and still very comfortable. The fabric is lightweight so you're able to move freely. I usually don't like it when shorts are too short or too long and I feel like these are the ideal length. The fit is good, like that it's high waisted - only downside for me would be that the waistband could be a tiny bit longer. Overall: happy with the product.

Never thought I’d want to run in tight shorts but even after 14kms these were still comfortable. High waisted but not tight, you feel secure but not squashed - important when feeling a bit bloated on your period. True to size and good quality.

Definitely like the fabric. Especially now during the warm days, this fabric is perfect. The protective layer inside gives you a secure feeling during your period days, however it feels kind of like having an extra panties on, which to me takes the nice light weighted feeling of the pants away. Absolute like is that the legging has a high waist. Love love love it, because I feel bloated during my moon days. Something that is hugging my belly is very much appreciated.

The short tight has a perfect fit for during your period. There is an extra layer included but no lines are visible which is so great! I would highly recommend these tights to all women on their period, but also when not on your period these shorts are perfect.

These short tights are super comfortable and fit perfectly, I also love the small logo detail and side pocket.

I can move freely during my workout and feel secure and confident during my period. The fabric of the tight is stretchy ensuring that the shorts are able to adjust to my body. The inner protection is super comfortable, you don't even feel it's there, but you know it's there to keep you secure. The side pocket is perfect to bring my phone and track my run.

First of all, the fit of these leggings is amazing, great look and feel. The lining inside is completely invisible from the outside and doesn't move around (even during a heavy workout), so only you know that there is an extra layer of protection. I love that these pants allow me to skip the annoying "safety pad" during my workouts!

Working out during those days of the month is usually quite uncomfortable. I felt great wearing the short tights. And thanks to the absorbing layer I didn't have to worry too much on which movements I make or if I still look fine during the workout. I loved the mesh pocket on the side and the light texture of the shorts.

Love these shorts! For me they were great to run in hot weather, and the pocket was super convenient to hold my phone. Even my iPhone Max in a case fit and stayed put so I didn’t have to worry about it flying out on my run. I ordered a size S and they were true to size - I am 1.83m and they go just past my mid-thigh. I really liked how stretchy they were, paired with a high thick waistband which is ideal for me during that time of the month. I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the inner lining was - would definitely recommend for when you need a bit more protection!