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7'' Repetition Short - Gravel





Reviews (222)

Piling after 1 wash.

The copy didn’t properly call out that there is no underwear built in.

Shorts have a great fit and feel. Perfect for running and strength training. Pockets are cut very big and are not deep. Wallet and phone fall out a lot.

Make more!

Very cool and very nice

I love the design

Love these shorts,

I wear these for playing pickleball. I like the look and feel of these shorts.

We purchased the pants during our New York visit for our trip to Costa Rica. Unfortunately, after just one wear, we noticed issues with the seams – two holes due to poor stitching. Upon our return to New York, seeking assistance at the Columbus Square store, the seller mentioned being unable to help since it had been a month. As a devoted customer, it was disheartening to experience such treatment, especially given my loyalty and frequent purchases.

Comfortable and great material

My go to shorts! The best quality and fit.

Feels great

perfect, like

The fabric feels like it's made from premium material, but stitching on pockets causes sort of a weird flair at the hips, and waistband material causes shorts to ride up during activity like running or lifting weights.

Leg opening is a bit too wide

Great material and very comfortable.

Very nice

Bought these for the gym and they are fantastic, great fit and material

My boyfriend loves these shorts! He would never take them off if he had the choice!

Great quality fits true to size

It’s amazing

I really liked the fabric and quality but the leg holes were way too small. If you have decent sized thighs from leg training these shorts are not going to fit you. Lululemon shorts fit me much better.

Material and cut/rise were great. wish it was a 5 or 6 inch inseam though. just felt too long and bunched up when squatting or lifting legs

Love the color and how nice it feel I have this in khaki color and love it everyday but it got S size for that one so trying out M this one.

Waistband rolls over

Quickly become one of my favorite shorts. Great fit and super comfy.

shorts have the right length so they are not cutting off your knees or look like you are wearing board shorts

Absolutely love repetition shorts from Alo!

Love the feel

very comfortable and light

Great fit and comfortable design.

nice shorts


These shorts are great. Lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. The waistband is very comfortable and they feel amazing on. The colour is really nice and breaks up my mostly black workout wear.

Very comfortable. Great fit and great fabric

Best shorts! Will buy again!

Love it

The quality was what I paid for . After using them 3 times for running and exercise the treads started coming out of the seams.


Great fit but maybe a little small

Material and style are good. The pockets ignore the fact that we all carry phones from time to time (meaning: the pockets could use a redesign). My two cents.

The weist is too small to be a large there is no room for comfort and one size up is too large. Had to returned them

the fabric, not very impressed. Ive had lululemons for months now, and they last longer. I ve had these come up with some holes. not sure if ill buy them again. currently in the washer. Cant take photos. but looks like there was a pin hole, and it became a big bigger.

The material is not as soft as Lulu. The pockets are not as deep. I can see the possible upside to this, but wish I had noticed that before I bought. The shorts I bought had the seam busting out. Just glad they exchanged them but return policy isn’t the best.

I wish they offered the same shorts with I. We lining but they are pretty good.

Everything is great except the colour is differs from the one shown online.

Comfortable and fits great!

Looks great and excellent quality

Looks incredible, very good materials and quality and perfect length

I have worn a lot of shorts in my life, and these ones are fiirrreeeeeee. Nice tone to my skin color, comfy waist line, and best part of it all: my quads and glutes look as good as Remy’s Ratatouille tastes!

Probably chose a bit too large size, expected a tighter fit.

Waist band too big

Shorts look great but pockets literally couldn’t hold my phone in.

My favorite shorts.

I like the material but the shorts are much tighter to the legs than any other Alo shorts I have purchased. I usually by 7 inch shorts but these fall closer to 9 inches in length. Consider buying a different pair if these things bother you. I love the Regenerate short but those have been discontinued. Was hoping these could replace those but I am incredibly disappointed.

My favorite go to shorts. Get complements every time I wear them.

Best shorts ever. Super soft, flexible, and stretchy. Need more colors though.

They are very confortable but they started to tear up in the middle section of the short and I don’t think I’ll be able to use them in a while since I’m afraid that it will leave a hole in the shorts making them unusable in the future. I bought this shorts in Alo Miami and I am deeply saddened by this since they where actually my favorite shorts with the matching Tee that I got

Love the fit

These bad boys are very high quality. I work at lululemon & I would say that the material is comparable to the T.H.E. Short that lulu has to offer…. But these are better lol don’t tell my boss I said that. Infinity Blue is a fire color too.


You won't regret it.

This is my second 7” repetition shorts. Loving the material, cut, fit and overall quality.

The most comfortable shorts that I’ve ever owned! Perfect fit, super soft material, top notch quality!

My husband has these in almost all the colors. He loves them. Perfect for hot summer days and nights!


Ordered blue. Color was more purple with strong red undertones. Returning.

Soft, chic and practical. Great product. It has quickly become my favorite shorts

great fit and great color

I never got my 30 percent off at check out!

The fit of the shorts aren’t as what I thought they were

These shorts are great - perfect for the gym and would be my go-to for an everyday casual short except the front pockets are too shallow for my phone. I feel like my phone is going to fall out every time I sit down. Not a problem for the gym, as you can put it in the zipped pocket, but when wallet/keys take up pocket space too, the front pockets feel too shallow to not have a zipper

Good looking color that pairs with a lot of options. Will definitely buy in more colors once they become available in Medium. Would also buy these in a liner version if they were available based on the overall material feel.

These shorts are the best I’ve found. They fall about 4” above the knees and feel great.


Amazing Shorts!!!

See above. The order never arrived. I had to enter a few comments to get this to send, but the bottom line - I need to figure out what happened.

Great cut and stretch that gives you excellent movement

Disliked it on first use. First, a raindrop really left a mark and my husband noticed that if the pants gets even just a sprinkle of water, it leaves something and we thought it should be good for workouts.


I can’t really review the shorts because we did not receive the shipment. Alo has “initiated an investigation” but makes no promises as to a resolution.

Good athletic shorts. Comfortable.

Love the color, love the fit, love the material!

I sort of hated the waist band and overall fit

Nice Fabric. I wish the same waistband wasn’t so wide. It would feel better a bit later thinner. Now it feels like it’s “hugging” too much.

Waistband is great on these to secure a great fit when in motion and again the quality is absolutely superb! Love the rear zip pocket 💯 wishing one day the front 2 pockets will zip as well Keep it around for sure! I bought the shorts in 4 colors and caps to match!

The Repetition shorts were fitting me amazingly well! I love the style so much that I bought it in 4 colors and the fabric is perfect and relatively light and soft yet breathable so I’ll continue wearing that style in going forward

I own two pair of the 9” repetition shirt and the green caught my eye when I was in the store in Fashion Sqr. Unfortunately, the store didn’t have the 9” version so I went with the 7” version. It’s fine, but I still prefer the longer length.

Great flexibility, comfortable and look good. If you’re bigger in the hips/legs/rear- end depot I’d size up. I have a slim waist and these fit that perfectly. However, I have bigger legs and they are slightly tight in the legs. Most shorts are that way for me so if you want more space in the legs go a size up, but just know the waist will be quite big on you.

Great flexibility, comfortable and look good. If you’re bigger in the hips/legs/rear- end depot I’d size up. I have a slim waist and these fit that perfectly. However, I have bigger legs and they are slightly tight in the legs. Most shorts are that way for me so if you want more space in the legs go a size up, but just know the waist will be quite big on you.

Perfect sleek color for the gym. The material is perfect to workout in. Comfortable.

Great fit. Love the material. Good for multiple sports.

Not buying from alo anymore, returns are annoying

I really like how quickly they dry after a work out.

Like the feel, look, and quality of the shorts. I wish I would have gone down a size. I will definitely shop again from this store. Love the color too!

does not fit

The 7” repetition shorts are my favorite shorts. They fit amazing, the style of the pockets are perfect. Im going to get these in every color.

Great fit

The color is very nice in person. The material is soft and very comfortable to wear. The overall look is very good.

fit is great love the highish waste with the band.

I don’t recommend them for crossfit training. They just broke up in the first session. Very Disappointed.

Nice material. Runs big however. Size down.

great product

beautiful and good quality




Very comfortable. Great style. Lovely fit. Although I have an issue with the color and material. When you sweat the shorts make it very obvious about it, especially in those areas 👀 which is common, but when they dry, they do not go back to the original color, until you give them a full wash. Dry time does take awhile, especially around the waist. Also the alo employee lied to me and told me these wouldn’t change color, as that’s one of my main concerns when buying shorts. I sweat a lot. If you’re a normal person who doesn’t have this issue, I’m sure you’ll love these. Or maybe just in a different color

why are all alo inseams 7"?? I have nice legs and want something shorter

Really love that Alo yoga short. 😊

Runs small and the pockets are tiny

Runs a little small and the pockets are tiny


Perfect fit. Ran a 5K in them and was pleased with the fit, length. The zipper picket was perfect.

Great length and feel. I wear these for weightlifting and cardio and they work perfectly and don't feel heavy at all

Runs a little Big , went w S

Every thing tends to run bigger! So I went w S. Fits great

Can you send another pair

My husband put these on right away and wore them around and he is a picky bird. Great purchase!

Perfect fit

Too tight

Great shorts. I bought the 9” and 7”. The 7” length is perfect as the 9” were longer than expected.

Cool and comfy for warm weather

Shorts were very long . Not like 7inch lululemon

These are honestly the best pair of shorts I’ve ever owned. I sweat a lot while working out and there was not a single drop of sweat on these when I was done. The moisture wicking is insane! They are so incredibly light while wearing it feels like you’re not wearing anything at all. Also, the way the pockets are designed, whatever you put inside you don’t have to go searching for it. With other brands things get tangled up in the pockets. That’s not an issue with these shorts.

Great shorts

Love it

Color is great

Very confortable and fits perfects

No built in liner. Great fabric. Nice color.

Bought these for my boyfriend, he already has two pairs in other colors, he loves these shorts for his workouts. Amazing quality, flattering style and comfortable.

I like the material and cut but the pockets are shallow and way too wideset so stuff falls out, and unfortunately for me that included my iPhone on a recent run resulting in a crack and nearly losing my phone as I didn't realize it was gone till my Airpods stopped playing music. Wish the pockets on these had zippers like the sweatshorts/sweatpants have.



Material feels very cheap after a wash

I like the fabric of the shorts and the pockets are good. I love the reflective logo and a zippered pocket. The waistband is too loose for a size small. I was surprised that it became low-rise when I put it on. The drawstrings don't help either because they're so flimsy. I'm used to lululemon shorts and sizing/quality so this is an area of improvement for Alo menswear.

This is my second pair of 7" Repetition short. I wear this for golf days and for a chill out day. The material and quality exceeded my expectation. The low key modern cut and detail of the design is gorgeous. Material is luxurious, soft and very stretchy. These are my favorite shorts right now.

Pockets are not deep enough. Cell phone easily falls out of the pocket when exercising. Fabric and fit are fine.

Bit disappointed. While the fit for me is pretty spot-on, they tend to be noisy when you walk. The other issue I am having is the waist band rolling.

Everything is perfect, the colors, silhouettes. And it is comfy as always. Love it.

One of my favorite shorts now For workout for go out, super stylish Love it love a lot love Alo… 🤪

I bought these for my husband and they’re true to size.

Great fit, good quality

The color/fabric are great. However I ordered the 9'' repetition shorts before, sent those back because they seemed to long. So, i ordered the 7'' rep shorts to try and take a couple of inches off but they still seem to be just as long. I'm 6'2 so 7inch shorts should hang way above my knee, but they seem to almost be past them.

Pockets are not as deep and does not have an zipper pocket like lulu Need deeper longer pockets and add zipper pocket

It is amazing. The material is cool.

Sizing is different from the other repetition short in black i bought but both are a medium.

it is easy to damage the material

Makes a perfect swimsuit for my beach trips with my doggies. The side zip pocket is perfect for keeping doggie bags secure even while swimming in the ocean! Makes my beach days even better!, 🌞🌞🌞😁😁😁 Side note, "steel blue" (which I reluctantly bought just to have another pair for beach days) is my new favorite color. In daylight you can clearly see the blueish tint to the gray, and it just looks super cool in my humble opinion ✌️ that's all 😁

My new fav

Love the fit and color

Bought them for my boyfriend and he loved them! Very comfortable

good quality fabric, great store but total incosnsistency in your sizing - tried on 3x mdiums and all were different in sizing get that right as Lululemon are way ahead in the game

The material feels great in hot humid climates and allows easy free movement. Bonus - it hides a big phone in your pocket well

Perfect length, super comfortable feel, and the pockets are perfectly placed

Bought these for my husband, they look great, the blue calm color is so beautiful, highly recommend.

Colour a bit more grey than expected! But I love it regardless!

Feels a little bit big unfortunately. I didn't take it on vacation as a result.

Very happy with this purchase. Shorts and waistband are stretchy and super comfortable.

Shorts r great but found them on sale a week later

One of the comfiest pairs of shorts I’ve ever owned, I need every color!

Was excited to order these, but I find they just don’t sit right. The pockets gape open when either leg is extended and they don’t seem to drape well when standing upright, particularly in the front. I’ll continue to wear them but honestly a little disappointed with the purchase.

These shorts feel great and I love wearing them, but the pockets could be better done. The front ones do not have zippers, and the cut/angle is awkward. My phone feels like it is constantly about to fall out, and the angle of the zipper on the back pocket is strange as well.

I’m 5’9”, 180 lbs and athletic. I wore these twice and they tore at the front seam by my “area”. I ordered a size small and I have a 30” waist. Disappointed in the poor quality, recommend that you either size up and have them be baggy, or pick another brand of shorts.

My hubby who is a very picky dresser loves the fit and most of all the fabric. Great for hot summer days.

Love these shorts! They fit perfectly and the color is really nice.

Good fit


The color is what drew me to pick these up. Then once I tried them on I was convinced. The length is good and the material is lightweight.

Amazing fit, no pocket bulging, clean look. great color. I am 5 foot 10 inches, 155lb and ordered small. Length is perfect. Material is so soft and smooth, not too light, allows for movement without sticking, I ordered more colors!

Unique materials for a gym short, I'm a fan

I was always a Lulu fan but this made an Alo fan.

felt cheap

Good quality but pockets are too shallow and things fall out of them easily. Will be returning

Great shorts; so comfortable. Given the color I wouldnt Actually wear them to the gym as I think The material would get easily stained from dirty weights. In black I think They’d be great.

It has a very good fit … a little slim but I love it

Super comfortable

Great quality, nice fit


The fabric is great , the size too big

Boyfriend loves them! I ordered him 3 more pairs!

Love the fit. Very comfortable but not too loose

Excellent fit and flexibility

Amazing short. Really comfortable and the fabric feels great

The texture its so soft, let you feel free and confortable.

Honestly the best shorts I’ve ever owned. Going back for more

Ready for anything shorts!

Its slightly shorter than I expected . The whole pant feels durable and its super easy to wear. I wish Alo has a lope inside so it can be hanged easily

Nice fit

Great quality and love the style. Thank you ALO by far the best Yoga shorts on the market

Great shape great product great color! Satisfied with my order. Thanks alo

Great shorts ,,, they look like you could wear the on the street with a polo and look elegant and they fit perfectly at the gym (running, cycling, squatting) ... amazing. I have M in navi-blue. I am impressed and I will definitely get another pair.

Waist band was a bit tight but have worn it and now fits perfectly



Fits very well. Comfy and soft material. Waist and all fits well.

The perfect Shorts 🩳

The best shorts period

Nice fabric

The color is great and the fabric and construction is really well done. I had ordered a L previously, which ran a bit too small, and the XL is now a bit too large. I do love these, just a bit too large. Only other thing to think about is that if you sweat a lot (like I do) the blue can get a little darker blue and looks a little like you might have had...an accident.