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Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve Shirt 2.0





Reviews (1174)

Awesome shirt! I wish it were less expensive, I’d buy more if it were.

Light and breathable. Great for working out.


These shirts are great, I went a size up and it was a little large in the sleeves. I would recommend going with what size you are used to purchasing

Nice fit, quality is good

The best shirt out there… bottom line. Can’t be beat!!! I have ran 100s of kms with these shirts and no chaffing issues ever!! Feels great inside or outdoors!

The neck fits way too loose and the sleeves are too tight. It’s a very awkward looking shirt if you’re in between sizes. Large is too small and XL is too baggy. Neck holes are always too baggy looking.

Love the fit , well constructed, true to size, great workout shirt already purchased a few more.

Bought this for my boyfriend and he always have it on now. It’s durable (just as much as the women version I own myself) , looking great and confortable while working out.

I have them in so many colors. My fav shirt around!

Love the fit and feel. Perfect for the gym or wearing out and about

I bought this for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it and has asked for it in different colors because it is so comfy. A great simple gift to buy for your boyfriend or any male family member

bought this for my boyfriend and he loves a good basic tee. he gets really bad sweat stains and this shirt doesn’t stain at all!!

Great over all quality and pretty fast shipping!

I bought two of these shirts for my husband. The weight and fit are great. We both love the fabric, it is dry fit but still feels comfortable. We would recommend and purchase again. The cut was flattering too.

I purchased this shirt and it felt great until I tried it on. When I did it ran a little small, and was more form fitting on me than on the model. Sadly the closest store is over an hour away so I won’t be able to return it anytime soon.

I purchased a few of these to workout in, have to say I now have a slight addiction. Perfect shirt for lifting heavy in the gym, or going for a run. The shirt is so light and breathable it practically feels like you’re shirtless.

Great colour, great fit, great material

I like the quality, feel and look of the shirt. However, the fit is smaller than the same shirts I bought a few years ago. Had to return and look for a larger size.

Perfect shirt for hot yoga. True to size.

is an amazing shirt very stretchy and comfortable would recommend this shirt i love them

Did not like the design of the shirt. I thought it was a solid white shirt but there are designs all over and I don’t think I would ever wear this shirt.

I would recommend this shirt. It is true to size and very comfortable

I prefer the way the dry sense shirts fit. This runs a little too small for my liking.

I’m a 0/2/4 girl and i usually prefer smaller sizes but when i lift i like to have a nice pump cover so i grab larger men’s sizes (in this case m). i love how this shirt holds up and how lightweight it feels in the gym. one of my all time favs!

My bf is tall and skinny and usually has issues finding good tops that fit him in the length and form. This top is not only long enough for him, but very slenderizing as well.

Great colour! Great fit! Love your stuff!

Fits like the perfect comfortable glove

Bought the white and am happy that it’s not ‘see through’. Fit is fantastic and very complimentary. 6’3 200lb Athletic build and the Large is perfect

Fit well and really soft material, I bought for my husband

Classic Lululemon perfection

Great everyday shirt for the gym. I also run in these shirts. Soft to the touch with a smooth, attractive cut.

Amazing quality and very nice fit! Very much recommend.

I purchased two of these shirts for my boyfriend and they are his favorite shirts! Per his words, they are great quality, breathable, and comfortable!

Great shirt for working out and running!

Love this shirt! Primarily used for running. Good it both hot and cold days.

A workout staple. Runs a little tight across the chest.

Great workout shirt. The sweat wicks from fabric. Washes up nice.

I like wearing this shirt as an undershirt because it is not too long like the Drysense. Nice breathable material, I ordered a second one!

I love this shirt for working out in.

Good product. Fit’s absolutely perfect

love it! good quality and i love the color❤️‍🔥

Very comfy, little tight around shoulders/armpits but fits well everywhere else

Fits a tight on the arms and shoulders giving it a great look if you’re muscular.

Great quality shirt, love the fit and flexibility. I own many tech shirts and prefer this fit the the looser fabric ones

Fits and conforms to the body well. One of my favorite training shirts. I’m glad I was able to snag 2!

Perfect shirt for daily wear and working out!

Too long for a 6 foot boy

Purchased 5 total. I want to love them - they're soft, comfortable, and vent well, but... Docked 1st star due to some inconsistency in the fit between the 5 shirts (particularly sleeve length/tightness). Docked 2nd star for the smell issues that have been noted in other reviews. 3/5 of my shirts already have a weird odor that doesn't wash out. Would have docked more due to the smell, but it seems to depend on the person - my wife has MV gear without issue. MV gear might just not be for me, sadly

Butter soft shirt. Worth the buy!!!

The shirt fits great and it is light an airy during a run or workout.

Such a great shirt. Appreciate it a lot.

My pits sweat. No matter the season or the climate, my pits sweat. These shirts do not show that fact at all. Also they’re hella comfortable. They’re the perfect workout shirts but you can also dress them up and wear them with jeans or nice pants. I own this in several colors. Worth every penny


i love the metal vent tech 2.0 so much it's my favorite shirt from lululemon! the material is great and it always is true to size

These shirts are a family favorite. Both the hubby and our boys wear them and love them. They wear them for running, lifting, and casually. Run true to size and highly recommend. I do caution, to be wash with like items as they can snag. We also hang do dry. We really haven’t had many issues with that after having a shirt or two snag and making sure to change how we wash.

Great gift for my son glad for last minute ones

Love this shirt. I buy these in XL since the L is just a little tight around my torso. I’m 5’8” and 175 pounds athletic build. I have multiple colors of these shirts and they seem durable (no rips, tears, holes, or piling) so far.

Best shirt in the WORLD!!!

great fit, very good quality

Very soft but also sheer so if you aren't comfortable with a bit of a nipple outline then this shirt isn't for you. Great quality. Would but again.

light and breathable - keeps you cool even during grueling workouts!

Great shirt for workouts.

The color (raspberry) is very nice; however the fit of this shirt is slim fit, at least compared to the other metal vent tech SS shirt 2.0 we had. So we ended up having to exchange for a bigger size. The new member benefits makes return/exchange possible.

Perfect workout shirt or every day .. fits and feels great

Good fit even though I'm larger

metal vent tech shirts - Always reliable

Bought for my husband. The quality is very good.

My boyfriend loved it, very comfortable and fits well.

Just replacing one the dryer ate. My husband is so good about his lululemon laundry. Washes and hang dries EVERYTHING - it’s borderline annoying lol. His white Metal Vent made it into the dryer on his watch, somehow, and ended up with brown (looked like) burn marks all over it. Just purchased another white to replace it.

Like be me a good T for activity

Got it for my husband and he loves it. Great fit

My husband loves this shirt & now has 3 colors

The color is better than pictured. Love these shirts

Great Shirt for All Purpuse, I use it mainly to workout.

Great for running (light, breathable, no chafe), great for HIIT and strength (all way stretch, strong material). If you’re looking for a great shirt suitable for any workout, look no further.

Great fit and quality material! 5’9” 185lbs and wear a medium.

Great fit, very soft and comfortable, nice color

Nice quality and color. Would want the neck to be a little more open for an athletic shirt. Not a slim fit, gets a little loose towards the hips.

Love my shirt but I only received half of my order. I missing one shirt and it’s been around 25 days.

Nice shirt....but wayyyyy too expensive for a T-shirt

Good standard shirt to have as part of your closet

Neck is narrower compared to the same style

Tight fit around the arms and comfortable to train in and wear out casually

I like the fit and cut of the shirt, but there are clear QC issues; multiple loose threads at the front of the shirt. The fabric is a bit "bumpy" so it is more prone to get damaged as well.

It is super excellent sport shirt. A worthy money spending to myself indeed. Thanks Lululemon for such a fantastic sport shirts.

Material feels cheaper than regular lulu shirts

Nice Bright Color, cool thin shirt

not a great feel and material

Husband loves these. He owns multiple colors

Love the color, fabric and quality.

The Large fits my 6’1 boyfriend perfectly!

Feels like paper, quality of 1 of 2 purchased, significantly better!

I really love how this shirt fits. Unfortunately I noticed three small holes in it yesterday which may be from my using a velcro weight belt. This activity would not tear any of my other shirts. So I love the shirt, but I may have to replace it.

Awesome shirt 👚 I luv it

It’s no secret that the quality of lululemon has plummeted over the past few years and their stuff is just so overpriced for what it’s worth, but I was VERY pleasantly surprised by this shirt! Definitely reminds me of the old lululemon. It fits well and holds its shape. Very comfortable to work out in 10/10!

I can't get enough of these shirts - perfect to train in and quick to warm the body up with venting to prevent overheating. The shoulders and sleeves don't limit my range of motion and the material feels great.

Classic example of a functional shirt

I use this shirt for hot yoga. It works perfectly.

Size Chart not accurate, too small. Also slightly see through and extremely thin.

Excellent Quality and thicker than most Metal Vent shirts

It is very small for a large seize shirt

Very soft and comfortable. good fit. sleeves not too long and good length. ordered a M for my 5'9" 150lbs. boyfriend and fits great

Excellent dry fit Metal Vent Tech Shirt

It’s a great shirt and I like the colors. I bought three of the same shirt in different colors in my recent order. This blue colored shirt was much tighter than the others and previous metal tech vent shirts I’ve bought in the past. I ultimately decided to keep it, but was a little disappointed in the consistency in sizing among shirts in the same product line.

exceptionally comfortable, as always

Sizing was too small (ordered a XL but appeared to be a medium in length and width) compared to previous metal vent tech purchase. Had to return

I expected nothing less from lululemon, excellent quality, beautiful design at a fair price. It is super comfortable and very soft in contact with your skin.

Fits slightly small. Very thin fabric, almost see-through, fabric appears to be fraying/pilling even on delivery/unworn. Light weight and breathable. Quite unsure about longevity/durability. Appears to be a different grade of fabric and perhaps manufacturing process than previous versions of this shirt.

Amazing shirt, love it. Love the style too, fits a bit tight for a large but that's ok.

It was a good sale, but the texture was rough feeling and not the usual softness we have had from other products from Lulu. I would probably not purchase this particular shirt again

Every color is a different fabric and pattern, however I’ve enjoyed this one quite a bit. Excellent shirt all around!

Love this shirt especially to work out in! Great quality and durability.

They are tighter and shorter than past shirts.

Favorite shirt great fit and material

these are my boyfriends favorite for the gym. theyre loose fitting around the waist and perfect fit in the sleeves. he loves the fabric and they dry very fast

Always happy. Great for tennis! Was a gift

Not really as pictured, the material seems thinner and cheaper than what I bought a couple years ago

Great shirt. Love that it does not show sweat.

Ordered this shirt when it was on sale. It's an ok shirt. I have an XL in the older version and the 2.0 and the older fits better. This one fits more loose and baggy. Very loose around the neck. The older version grabs the biceps and chest better and seems to have an overall better cut.

It's ok, just a common sport t shirt, lightweight, but nothing special, wouldn't buy it on normal price

After washing it once (following label) I got a big patch of lint on it. There was no other item in the cycle that could have possibly damage the shirt. Either poor material or label is wrong.

The quality is great. We have found Lululemon clothes tend to run a little smaller than most. That isn't necessarially a bad thing if you plan accordingly. For some that works out better. Plan accordingly.

Metal Vent short sleeve 2.0 is thinner than original but great for warmer weather. Anti stink works well.

Great fit and fell initially… fades with time

Great feel on the skin. Gets heavy with sweat after an hour of hot yoga.

These shirts use to be great but the fabric they make them with now is awful. It’s so thin that after several washes holes start to appear. These shirts are to expensive for that to happen.

I do a HIIT exercise for 1hr a day. In this shirt, I look like I am soaked in the water after one hour!!! also, the quality of the product does not look like it lasts that long (loose collar and etc). Compared with the price I don't think this is worth it! I will never buy this again. You can find much better products elsewhere.

Nice shirt but transparent. Returned to store

Fits very small for a large.

Comfy, breathable, simple and stylish.

Great fit, style and not your typical color

Decent work out top, just the fabric can be a bit delicate and prone to snags. Got this one on markdown, which was a reasonable price.

Overall a good product, but pretty expensive for just a T-shirt.

Good overall fit, nice comfortable feel, high quality material, like the longer length; all around a good look at the gym or out in public.

Quite frustrated with this shirt. I'm happy with Lululemon's offers to hem the shirt since I am a shorter male, and the shirt has a bit of a flattering fit. However, the material is much too thin. Your nipples become visible, and the thin material creates a weird silhouette that doesn't represent how expensive the shirt is. Also, there seems to be claims of anti-odor technology, but quite the contrary. There is something about the fabric of this shirt that smells AWFUL once you start sweating.

I love these SO much and own several colors! They look great casually and for workout attire. I enjoy wearing them if I know im going to be doing a lot of walking during the day due to their breathability and sweat-wicking material, and theyre fantastic for wearing underneath scrubs if you work in healthcare!

Best workout shirt. Period.

Neck is waaayyyy too big!!

Would rather wear this on hot days than anything else. Keeps you dry.

Great shirt for workout and running

Durable and stylish…………..

Love Lululemon products! The material is really good.

Shirt seems to show my nipples

I love these shirts and now own multiple in a variety of colours. They are functional, long-lasting, and true to size (I am a standard medium in all clothing and this shirt fits exactly as I would expect for a medium). Overall, these shirts are excellent!

I absolutely love the shirts, but the lighter colors get permanent sweat stains. Have to say I’m a little disappointed for the price.

Though it says slim fit, it doesn't run super tight, which I like. Great fit and feel.

Love the fit and the feel

Great but fit a big tight even if I order xxl

Comfortable and fits nicely

Great product and quality, really stays true to what Lulu represents

It smells really bad, I thought I could wash it away. But it even ruins my other cloth. This issue never happens to my other cloth

fits perfectly but i still need to loose some weight but that’s not shirts fault

Great fit. Excellent quality.

Nice shirt overall. I don’t see any issues with the material thickness. Sleeves are shorter than I’d prefer. Overall length could be maybe an inch longer.

Too long and the fabric rips easily

I wore this shirt for my half marathon run. Shirt was light and soft. Had no chaffing whatsoever. Great material. Enjoyed so much that I bought another one.

Fits kind of small, material is great. Just small fit.

Love the fit! The colors and the way they dry fast keeps it reliable. Love that they don’t hold stink too, makes commuting home a little more bearable, I don’t use the gym showers where I go…

We’ll made and stylish shirt that I’m thrilled to wear. Fits me well which has been difficult given my small stature and desire to have more form-fitting clothing. Will definitely be purchasing more.

Incredible feel and fit for a tshirt. They're not inexpensive, but I love them.

I have been doing spin bike sessions for about eight years now, and I have had several different shirts. Over the years I had eventually gravitated to using this exclusively. I finally ordered a second one. I sweat ( and swear) profusely while spinning, and The shirt remains comfortable. I tested the old shirt next to the new one, and found that the elasticity of the fabric on the old shirt held up surprisingly well. The collar on the old shirt is frayed a bit, but not in a serious way.

I have owned and tried every fitness shirt or brand there is to own. This is my favorite. I own 22 different colors of this shirt. They do become heavy when sweating but honestly I’ve yet to actually find a shirt that isn’t. If I had one negative, sizing can sometimes be inconsistent depending on the fabric and/or color. Usually I’m a medium, however sometimes medium fits like a small. Regardless, this is the gold standard, this is the premium shirt, I will continue to wear this

There is little indication which side of the shirt is the front after taking the obnoxiously long tag off. Especially on the darker colors the logo blends in. It normally requires me putting it on to find out if it is on the right way. Put lettering on the inside to indicate the back of the shirt and this problem would be solved

Purchased for my husband who have never wore Lululemon products. Says great everday summer shirt. Lightweight and very comfortable. Great for walking, golf, etc. Likes so much that I got him these in 3 colors. He is now a Lululemon customer!

The shirt fits and looks great but does have a lighter/flimsier feel than older models. I washed in cold/delicates and hang dried, yet the shirt started pilling after the second wash. It's on the side near the waist, so luckily not too noticeable but hoping it doesn't pill more. I have an older metal tech polo that's lasted over 5 years with no pilling, but this doesn't last two washes. Quality has been going downhill.

Consistant fit. Seems to last a long time.

I love these shirts - I have about 16 of them, no joke. What bothers me is that they stopped making the one in BLACK color, which naturally had a bit of a thicker, better feel. Bring back the black!

This shirt is out of this world i don't think there is another brand that can compare on a level as the metal vent fabric. Its super confortable, a little bit heavy and so soft. Love this tshirt for training or working out.

Collar becoming bacon shaped less than a month after getting the item

I have 4 v-tech short sleeves and one v-tech long sleeve. These things retain a smell even after a wash immediately after a workout. I have plenty of other workout shirts that don’t do this. Super disappointed.

My favorite work out shirt

These are the perfect length and fit for girls who wanna wear something comfy but still cute. I like how it’s loose but not too loose. I usually get an xs and I love them.

I already own another metal vent tech shirt in Large that I love, so I decided to pick up a second one on sale. However, the sizing is inconsistent and too small even though this one is labeled a Large as well. Unfortunately cannot return because it was final sale.

Very light & breathable. I use it for tennis & it is my coolest shirts for hot weather.

The original one i purchased was (Size M) and was great, so i purchases 2 new ones (Size M) and didn't think about trying them on when they arrived. So i took the tags off and washed them, but they are about 2 inches smaller in length. Very weird that both of them are smaller, especially one of them in particular. Not sure if i received a bad batch.

The fabric feels great during intense exercise and the pink color is fantastic.

The metal vent tech is a staple in my closet, I must have like 10 of these.

So light and comfortable! Perfect for hot summer days.

True fitting. Very breathable. Light and lets the sweat evaporate.

I have a bunch of these Metal Vent Tech shirts, so felt safe buying the electric lemon/highlight yellow one off We Made Too Much. Unfortunately, this particular color is see-through. Not like, "I can sort of see the outline of your nips" see-through, we're talking "I wouldn't wear this outside the house or around women & children" see-through. And because it was on We Made Too Much, I'm stuck with a shirt I can't wear unless I find myself going to a rave (note: I'm not going to a rave).

Far too thin and cheaply made compared to past models of this shirt.

High quality fabric but it fits like a schmedium. Not flattering on my frame like other lulu products.

I bought this shirt as it was designed for running. However, after wearing this shirt for several runs, varying from a 1/2 marathon to a couple 5 mile runs. I found that this shirt, becomes extremely heavy during a run, and as a result, stretches out of shape. I have now decided to bring this shirt along to change into after a run. I will not be running in it anymore. I do like the soft feel of the material when it is dry, and that is how it earned its two stars!

Much to thin, chest hair and nipple will poke through

This is my son’s fifth. Sad to report he hated the color (lime green) so won’t wear. Can I exchange for different color….can be duplicate of others he has already!!

Great shirt to wear workout out or going out

How are more people not complaining about the necks on the new 2.0? They are MASSIVE. Seriously I’ve never tried on a tee with a larger neck hole. It just looks ridiculous. And the material is so stretchy now that the more you wear the shirt, the bigger the neck stretches out. The sizes are also super inconsistent amongst colors. Sleeves keep getting longer and the shirts keep getting shorter. Disappointing for a shirt that costs $80. Lulu please go back to the old metal vent style.

Fits perfect and the fabric is so comfortable. It is very light weight and not uncomfortable during sweaty workout

I have a number of metal vent t-shirts in a small and I just received a new one as a gift but the small no longer fits properly. Compared to the other metal vent tops I have in a small, this new one is much tighter around the shoulders. I tried on a medium to see if that would help, but it is much larger than the small. It appears they have changed the overall fit around the shoulders which is too bad because it was one of my favourite shirts for running

I'm very disappointed with the representation of the gold/plum shirt. I've ordered other colors in the this style and have been very happy with them. The photo shows this as a shade of yellow and the color is listed as gold. It is not in any way a shade of yellow. It is chartreuse green. It looks nothing like the photo and I would never have ordered this if I knew the true color. Unfortunately, it's final sale so I can't return it. Please show what the actual color is on the website.

True to size. Light weight. True to color depicted.

XL is more like L. Had to return it.

Feels great, deducting 1 star as shirt has more of a gray tint than picture leads to believe. Thought I was purchasing a shirt that was closer to white tone.

This shirt is great. I love the color and the way it fits.

Excellent quality shirt. Love the design and the fit. Not too snug and not too loose...just right.

Spots show easily, even from water

The decrease in quality over the years for lululemon is incredible. I bought a t shirt from them 10 years ago that lasted 10 years!! The quality was excellent. I came back and back two of these are they’re just pieces of garbage. Will shop with another brand in the future.

Great running shirt. I usually run 10-20miles at a time and love this shirt. No chafe, keeps cool and uniquely doesn’t stick to my back when it gets sweaty like other “running shirts”. My wife got these for me bc she thought my other ones smelled too bad and so far hasn’t complained about these. Like the fit, athletic but still loose enough to run in.

Great feel and fit. You can always count on Lululemon tops to deliver in comfort, style and function