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Metal Vent Tech Sleeveless Shirt 2.0





Reviews (157)

Recommend for hot yoga men

Love the pattern. Very comfortable. True to size.

Comfortable, tailored so enough that there isn’t bagginess anywhere during yoga, and it’s breathable. Overall good tank!

Love the color, fabric and quality.

Ordered this shirt online in a large. I own many Lululemon shirts, however this one does not fit like a traditional large and doesn't look like the photos. I was very disappointed when I tried it on upon receiving, as it fits like an XL and is way too big. Marked as final sale so I cannot return and now I'm stuck with a shirt that I can't wear.

Best work out shirts on the market ... and even better when they are on sale.

Sizing is off. According to the specifications of the model I ordered a large but definitely should have got the XL. Also the armholes are way too big.

Love it, fits well, very comfortable

Size is not true to ad. Says model is wearing a large and I am much bigger than him and it’s huge on me

So nice on the body and sits perfectly

Light and gentle. Very suitable for hot yoga.

Looks actually much better then online.

I owned one in small but it was a tight fit, so I decided to order another in medium and unfortunately it came in too big. I wish Lulu bridge the gap between small and medium as the difference between 2 sizes is too much. Regardless, this shirt is way too long, an inch longer than the normal Metal Vent Tech that I own multiples. With the wide arm hole opening, I think it should have been an inch shorter instead. Also agreed with many people that the opening is slightly too big.

Great for workouts…always looks good

Soft and light. Almost feels like there is nothing on. I love it.

Sleeve holes are way too big. Unless you meant to show side boobage. I wore it, my partner l laughed, and now I have a new polishing rag.

Happy with my purchase, great material great fit.

<p>This shirt is the bomb.com</p>

Perfect weight and length. Vibrant color.

Form fitting. Material feels great. Looks great on me!

Opening for the arms is too big... Very disappointing purchase. :(

I would be very weary about buying this product. It's unfortunate, but it is way too tight and does not fit like the typical large tanks I have from lululemon. I made the mistake of buying it from we made too much and I regret it :(

Fits true to size. Light and comfortable. The length works for me.

I had already ordered this tank top in a different color in the past. I liked it so much, I decided to get a second one at full price. However, the Peroxide/Breeze Blue color shown is NOTHING like the one shown online. I was looking for a very light colored top – but received a bright and strong turquoise colored top instead. I don't live in the US and the purchase was made online. Unfortunately I had no choice of returning this in order to get a refund due to the misleading picture.

Sometimes it's hard with Lulu, because you never know what the fabric is going be like. This tank is great. Wicks away moisture and helps you stay comfortable for the weight of the this version of fabric.

Lightweight, nice and airy due to the large armholes. Very comfortable. Highly recommend. Great for outdoor runs in high temps.

Very disappointed with how this tank fits, especially compared to the "Metal Vent Breathe Tank Top" which is perfect. I'm 5'8" 150lb and pretty fit. #1 - The arm holes are huge, like out of proportion huge, and no it's not to show off the serratus muscles. #2 - It's not slim fit. It rests over pectorals awkwardly and doesn't contour elsewhere. #3 - It's WAY TOO LONG! If you're a <6ft , you'll have to tuck/roll it unless you like shirts that go down to groin level. The good: wicks sweat well

Very Disappointed Arms Holes Way Too Big,Also Too long.

Wish they held shape a bit better over time, especially for the expensive price. They tend to stretch out and fade a bit, just a downfall of the fabric. Still one of the better tank tops available.

I got this to get change from tees, the fit and material is same but something about the bottom cuffs tends to bunch of and maybe you look like you have a gut. I'm not a huge and pretty fit guy but even then, the mid-section is NOT flattering. The bottom should be more relaxed in the design from mid-section down.

Super light and so fun to wear

I purchased this light green Sleeveless Shirt excited to add some color to my workout wardrobe. Unfortunately, after one use the back shoulder area turned brown after squatting with a clean squat bar. After washing it, it wont clean out and now i have a brown and green shirt.

Bad All Around, Bring back the original fit of the Metal Tech Sleeveless. Arm holes are too large to be practical for runners.

I got a Large, I'm 6'3 220 athletic-muscular, size 34 waist. Fits great, dries quick. Compliments your body in the right areas. I'm definitely getting more!

Perfect for warm weather running.

The arm holes are way too big. Was hoping for a more classic fit and design.

This has such a great shape to it. It curves around the lats just right showing the v-taper look off without being too low to wear out in public. Perfect mix of old school bodybuilding stringer tees and a more sofisticated sleeveless polo with no collar.

I love this tank – bought me 3. Fabric is super lightweight, breathable, stretchable, and dries fast. It has a tapered cut but overall runs big. I’m typically between a medium/large, and ended up purchasing smalls.

Super Light Weight and Breathable. Runs a little Big.

Extremely breathable and is so cozy

Great sleeveless shirt. bigger then the usual lulu tops. Not in a bad way. Mostly everything is form fitted. This one is just a little looser

Love that so many of the mens clothing items can been layered and worn by women as well. Great lightweight top to wear as vest over long sleeve tee

Very lightweight, comfortable

Fits very snug. Cant have any gut to wear it

Very soft and comfortable!

Great fit for weight lifting, able to perform moves feely and comfortably

Bit disappointed in this. Very deep armpit holes.

The tank fits me well and the material feels nice, however the color faded significantly after one wash and it may have something to do with the style but the stitching appears to be fraying! I very rarely write negative reviews but I have never had an item of clothing look like it is breaking down this quickly.

Feels like plastic not going to purchase again online.

I'm a 5'4, 120 lb woman and ordered this in a size xs. I LOVE the deep arm holes, the lightweight fabric, the length, the breathability and most of all, love that its not tight like all the womens tanks. It's super cute with a colorful strappy lulu bra underneath. Will definitely be buying more colors!

I’m not one to wear tanks, but this tank fits very well (better than I thought) and I like the way it fits on me. I have tried other tanks from Lululemon but this is my favorite so far

Arm holes are too deep and wide. Hideous. Bought on final sale and can’t take back. So unhappy

Loves bought for 15 year old

This sleeveless shirt is WAY too large. I purchased size large based on the size guide. I’m swimming in it! The arm holes are cut large and make it feel like I’m wearing drapes instead of a shirt I can workout in. I do love the fabric (as usual) and would exchange it if it weren’t a final sale. This final sales business with inaccurate size guidance sours my view of the company. I love all the other items I wear from this brand. But this shirt is a disappointment.

One problem I've had with lululemon tanks/sleeveless shirts is that they can be baggy, too wide, but this one has a great cut. Ideally I'd prefer it to be slightly slimmer, but it's a great shirt. The fabric is very thin and soft, and durable. Highly recommend.

I have a pretty standard build, and for me the scoop for the arm is too deep/wide.

Absolutely enjoy this shirt! It feels great and stress he’s in all the right ways. I’m quite active and this series shirt fits me well. More of this please!

Great Tank, super lightweight and breathable … over sized arm holes

Best fit for an athletic workout shirt. My favorite one so far!

Nice workout tank. Good for lifting

Love your products I just can't say that enough

Awkward arm hole cut outs. Just didn't fit right. L was larger than expected.

Light feel and very functional

Nice fabric/design but the sleeveless arm opening should be smaller for a better fit.

This version is better than previous version. It's tighter fit and doesn't feel as long. But still think the overall length can be shortened.

The armholes are huge. Much larger than past purchases of this and other brands. This seems more like a tank top than a sleeveless T. I would return if it weren’t final sale.

Lululemon’s Metal Vent 2.0 tops are excellent and this one is no exception. The sleeveless version is great for athletic body types and for those who really want a shirt that performs while being very comfortable for extra hard workouts.

Decent sleeveless, but arm holes are way too big. Material is fine.

Both tank tops had poor shape, and didnt sit well on the body. I usually love lululemon tanks, but these 2 were a big fail for me.

Love the fit, breathable and stretchy. Great quality.

Material feels great, stitching and fit are off. I loved the feel of the material - but the stitching is already fraying after two wear. The fit seems like it is too loose around my hips

This is my favorite tank to do anything in. I need a white one! Make that asap, please!!

A gift for my best friend who loved it! He loved the color.

Feels like I’m not even wearing a shirt, I love it!

This was the best shirt/tank I have ever bought… and I don’t buy workout gear. I’m going to need at least a few more!

Ridiculously long - I’m 5’9” and I needed to ticket this into my shorts. Wish I didn’t wear it

I own 2 of these. They are sick. To the people complaing about the large armholes. thats is how muscle tanks are supposed to be cut! Lulu, please make more in different colors. and dont change the fit!

Love this shirt… it breathes well, and stays dry for those hard, sweaty workouts! So comfortable, and I love to wear it out of the gym too.

Good sleeveless shirt, built like the other metal vent shirts. Not too loose or too restricting either. Good for workouts and running.

It is comfortable and retains it’s shape after washing. I like the charcoal/black color.

I love this brand so much I buy all my fresh gear here.

I love the physical look of the shirts but I did not like the cut of the arm holes. They went to far down the side of the body for my tastes.

This has become the only tank I run in - I have 5 of them. I like that the length is an inch or two longer than most other brands. And it hasn't gotten the same funk as my other running shirts do over time. I agree with others that maybe the arm holes are a bit too large, but it doesn't bother me and I like the cut otherwise. My only complaint is that there's not more color options - there's so many for the long sleeve version, why aren't there more for this one?!?

My boyfriend was so excited Lululemon finally had bright colors available and I immediately ordered the neo mint metal vent Sleevless because the pictures appear like a neon/ lime green color. Color is not what the online pictures show and it is more a brown light green color. Huge pass in this household. Will Lululemon ever have colors matching women's bright colors? Fit- My boyfriend normally wears Large in this tank. The fit is super small compared to his other 4 Metal Vent Sleevless shirts. @lululemon, why do you always have to break something that didn't need fixing changing the design and fit? And when will you finally have bright colors for men? They are so tired of muted colors.

...but the medium's too tight, and large is too big

Love the material & cut with one very big exception - the armholes are huge, like mid torso, which makes this a major chaffing hazard when used. I bought the medium since I wear medium in the metal vent tech t-shirt.

I have 2 colors and want more! Breaths so well, and you can get multiple high intensity sessions out of it, if you just let it air dry—No stink!

Great for yoga. Feels like i'm not wearing anything.

Torso cut is extremely thin. Really disappointed with this one! In the same order I got the Dry Sense Tank and while the torso is thin as well, the structure of the shirt is constructed to better prevent major chest/pectoral exposure. I suppose that they altered this design from the old Metal Vent shirt a bit. I consider myself to be in really good athletic/lean shape (15% Body Fat) but it’s just not a flattering cut at all! I feel as if other people are more so uneasy about this issue in particular and if you are, I would avoid. Really disappointed with this purchase especially for the price.

Not sure why, but this is the only tank option in the Metal Vent 2.0. This is a loose fit, with exaggerated arm holes that cut low onto the body. Good for teen/college guys maybe, but wish they just made a regular tank top in the 2.0 like they used to in the Metal Vent original.

5'11" 190 muscular build - this shirt is a little longer than I prefer

I love the new 2.0 version of this classic lululemon tank. I find the deeper cut of the armholes to be super-flattering, showing more of the side of the torso. The metal vent tech fabric is fantastic and keeps its shape and color after multiple washings and I even throw it in the dryer. One of my favorite shirts to wear for yoga and other sweaty pursuits.

Great tee for the gym . Amazing fabrics, great cut !

It's okay. The arm holes are a little deep and the fabric wrinkles more than most.

Very comfortable and stylish. Highly recommended for those serious about exercise

Great material and fit is great. Breathes well. Fit is true to size.

The neck hole is very narrow and the fiber around the neck is thick and give an uncomfortable feeling. This is very distracting either in relaxed activity such as yoga and in intense one ( which this shirt intended for ) as well.

way too small. uncomfortable. material not as good as i expected

For the price, I was expecting something sturdier and that would last longer. After the first washing this shirt has lost it's shape and it already looks worn. And the material is so light and delicate it almost feels disposable. Also, this shirt isn't white, rather it is white with small grey lines. There's a big difference, and imo not a good one.

I have worn Metal Vent Tech short sleeve shirts for a couple years. This sleeveless shirt was similar material, but the fit was awkward. The arm holes were much larger than I anticipated and overall felt larger/ boxier than the Mental Vent short sleeve shirts I have. I am a standard medium in everything I wear. I use this for running. Pro - material is great, dries quickly. Con - the fit. I don't feel motivated to wear it other than I paid enough money to purchase so I feel like I have to get use out of it. I got this on sale, so returning it is not an option.

Bought as a gift for my husband. It's definitely a tight-fitting tank top. Nice color.

I usually only buy Gymshark. Lately, I've wanted a sleeveless t-shirt and not a tank/stringer. These Lulu tops are my favorite. They are extremely soft, don't wrinkle easily, and are comfortable to wear. I wish they came and more colors and hope they aren't discontinued anytime soon. I'd buy them all every-time.

The sleeveless version of the Men's Metal Vent Tech has the arm holes cut much too deep for my liking. Definitely a younger man's game, but not a good look if you're over 50.

Great cut out. Very comfortable to wear. I get lots of compliments

Super comfortable and fits great. Will definitely be ordering more in the future.

The arm vents/holes are way too low. Please bring back the other metal cut sleeveless.

Super light, breathable, versatile. Dries quickly. Nice fit with flat seems you don’t notice next to your skin. Lovely color. Good length. Metal vent tech are my favorite training tops for sure.

I want to love this sleeveless, but I just don't. The fit is off for me. Arm hole is too large or too long or a combination of the two. PLEASE MAKE MORE COLORS IN THE TANK :)

The side vents are too large and the length of the shirt is too long. I exchanged for a smaller size and still is too long.

The shirts all run way too small and I cannot wear any of them. I can wear tight shirts but these are mislabeled

A loose, breathable tank that gives you the freedom to pump the arms. It does a run a little long but still feels and looks great.

Nice fit and color. The arm holes could be cut bigger but still plenty of arm room.

Not a fan. The gaps around the arms are way to big and causes some hanging openings that are not comfortable or flattering

Looks great and light! Perfect for workout. Will buy more. Wish there are more colors!

All my tank tops I wear a medium but this one fits loose. The material is pretty good but disappointed in the fit.

I have a muscular, lean build. This 2.0 has a strange cut. I have the 1.0 and it was way better. In this new version the armholes go all the way down to my diaphragm, the shoulders are too wide, and the shirt is way too long. It looks very rectangular. The amount of exposure from the low armholes limits wearing this at only the gym or at home. I would never wear a cut like this outside in public.

Excellent sweat wicking fabric and cut. Wide arm holes to allow for freedom of motion, but not baggy. If you're looking for a new sleeveless shirt, you just found it.

To this day my husband wears his MVT sleeveless shirt. He doesn’t care for the tank cut. I wish I had bought more than the 3 he has— if I had known you were going to discontinue such a core piece of your line.

Bring back the original metal vent tank in the original silhouette! It was an amazing core item. Nothing else In the current tank lineup compares to how great this used to be.

Super odd cut, had the old version that I liked , this one ire really unflattering and fits nothing like the images. Narrow across the chest, not covering your chest as you would think...like wearing a racerback tank backwards

Great shirt that feels soft and keeps you cool while you workout

Super comfortable and breathable for hot weather workouts!

Gapped arm holes, high neckline, the fit was strange.

Poor quality compared to previous metal tech shirts. VERY thin material. I own about 6 or 8 previous generations of the metal tech and they’re a much higher quality material. The shirt is very long too. Also please stop with the annoying long tags that flop out. Go tag less. Disappointed customer on the verge of looking elsewhere.

It’s nice when it is a hot day outside and I wear it all of the time.

I love these. Wish they would come in more colors!

I got two of the coal/black tank tops and use them for my runs which fits comfortably while dry-- maybe a bit looser than I'd like. However, I'm still trying to find the right tank top for runs that are longer than 3-4 miles in hot and humid weather. When I run for more than 30 minutes, the sweat makes the tank top heavier and cling to my skin. Then I have to take it off, wring it dry and run it through the loops on my shorts to continue running comfortably. I don't really like to show off my sweaty body by running shirtless because I also have fair skin that easily gets sunburned. Otherwise, I use the tank tops for my shorter runs and they work ok.

It doesnt run big or long in my opinion. Im 182 cm, 86kg with muscular lean build, size Large fits me right. More to snug. I actually prefer XL, but L is ok.

Light and airy. Felt like going shirtless in TN heat.

I love my Metal Vent Tech Sleeveless 1.0 tank I purchased years ago. When the new 2.0 came around I was excited and waited for the grey to come back in stock. Today I was able to try it on and was pretty disappointed. The length is good, as the 1.0 is a little longer. The issues are the tank is cut slimmer than the previous version and the arm holes go way too deep. If anything, lulu, please stop making your shirts tighter. If this tank was looser the deep arm holes wouldn't look so out of place.

Shorter and tighter than the original version, not a good fit.

I wanted a muscle cut tank and this was one of the few options. Much like the MVT 2.0 shirts, this feels several steps backwards from the OG MVT material. It fits large, and the material feels very flimsy. Sweat a little and it'll start to sag and lose shape. It is light, but at the cost of feeling unsubstantial. Bring back the old MVT!

Really like this piece for its performance and feel but compared to the other metal vent tech tops I have, this sizing is totally off. After 2 washes, it doesn't even resemble a small anymore and is too loose in all the wrong places.

This fits great, feels so comfy and has a classy look for a sleeveless. Grandson LOVES your clothes!!!

Best sleeveless shirt I have ever worn. Absolutely perfect!

Perfect! Keeps me cool, fits me perfectly (the Large is not super tight on my overweight bod), and feels great.

5’10” chest 41 athletic build. Went with the large as it fits right on the chest but not tight and not loose. Great fit and light. Very happy with the material.

Great Sleeveless shirt. Fits really well, especially for men that do not have long torsos. I have 5 and wear them all the time.

This is my absolute favorite tank from Lulu. It fits perfectly and doesn’t stretch out and get weighed down when you get sweaty. There just needs to be more colors in this style! The original metal vent tech had such great colors!

It's a good fit! Really like this muscle tank! I'm 5'7", athletic build. I wear a M and it's not too loose and fits good and shows off just enough.

What a great color!!!! This tank is up to the Lululemon standards, Thank you!

I bought this a few months ago and returned due to the bad cut all around. The older versions like the Aero Somatic sleeveless actually had the perfect cut, fabric, and arm holes. On the new ones the arm holes drop way too low and look weird. Bring back the old stuff.

Lightweight, breathable, and soft. True to size, but the armholes are much larger than pictured. Regardless, it’s a great workout shirt.

Lightest material, fantastic for my weight lifting sessions

Best tank I own. I’m usually between an m and an l . Went for m based on reviews and not disappointed.

Obvious food quality/material. I’m 6’2”, 185.... it is too loose, and I have problems with it covering my face when inverted- still have to tuck it in- was hoping not to have to deal with that - my first lulu purchase. If I purchase again, will be a medium.

Poorly cut, shape looks odd. I have tank tops from other top brands and wanted to try lululemon. The cut I looks odd so I won’t be wearing it.

This shirt is super light and durable. It's nice to have gym wear that looks good, is light weight, and is durable enough to put it through tough workouts (i.e., barbell abrasion, contact with the ground, etc.).

I ordered an "M" because the only thing I am reliably is a t-shirt size "M". This feel big to me, much looser across the middle than I expected and than other similar tanks I use for yoga. Maybe it's the larger arm holes or maybe vanity sizing and I should have ordered an S? Who knows. Otherwise just as expected, breathes well in the heat, and long enough to give the ol' college tuck to keep the midlife-layer out of sight when upside down.

This is the best version yet! A hybrid t-shirt/tank top. Love the drop armhole. Received many compliments at the gym.

The arm hole is just too big. I don't understand why you guys can't stick with the tried and tested tanks.

This tank is so comfortable. The fabric is soft and durable - it almost feels like you are not wearing anything. I was thrilled when I bought this and wore it work out in. I will share that I am in between a Medium and Large, I decided to go with the large which is why its a bit loose on me, which is what I prefer.

I wanted to try out the MVT 2.0's coming from the original MVT. I'm glad they made a sleeveless version which would be good for afternoon beach runs. Overall I'm satisfied with the product. The material feels much lighter than the original MVT which can be good or bad depending on how you use the shirt. The cut sleeves were much lower than I had expected but was also a welcomed surprise for movability in the shirt. The shirt also survived a solid weight lifting workout also so no gripes from me. Give it a try if you are on the fence.

It’s always a joy to wear LuLu product while working out. Keep bringing out more tanks.

Perfect feel and fit. Feels even better when you’re drenched in sweat in a hot power flow sesh

I love my original Metal Tech Vent Sleeveless workout shirts. I have 6 pair and they have lasted me many years and I continue to wear on a daily rotating basis. Unfortunately, Lulu NEVER brings this style back and I have been looking for years to add more to my collection. I was excited when I saw there was a 2.0 version. Unfortunately, like most of the Lulu sleeveless/tanks, the armpit cutouts extend down to either the lower torso or almost to the waist. The original sleeveless armpit cutout is normal! I returned my new 2.0's for this reason. BRING BACK THE ORGINAL!!!!

I certainly liked this shirt, it does everything I expect from Lululemon workout wear, but I felt like it was a little more truncated than the MVT 1.0, in that, the hem fell ~1 inch higher than the previous iteration. I also felt the placement/size of the vent holes isn't as good as it had been. Overall, I'd still buy another one.