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Metal Vent Tech Long Sleeve Shirt 2.0





Reviews (321)

Was a gift for the boyfriend. Got three of them and he asked me to order three more. He loves them for everyday wear, working out, wearing as a layer for skiing….basically everything.

This shirt is truly a gem. The tapered slim fit compliments the body perfectly and the fabric is super comfortable. The fabric is kind of fragile however, if you have pets I would be very cautious wearing this around them. Obsessed with the shirt overall, I wear it almost everyday. Please add more colors!!

Great top for working out, hiking or just hanging out. Only downside is they are not very warm, fabric is pretty light.

Actually obsessed. Love the fabric and quality.

Great Quality as usual. The Metal Vent Tech 2.0 are tighter in the waist.

I love the drysense shirt and I have about 4 different colors in Medium. This metal vent is nice quality but the shirt is pretty short especially compared to the drysense. I'll probably have to move up to a L. Im 5'8 with a muscular build and the M sits just below my waistline. Personally when working out I like to have a slightly longer shirt so my stomache doesnt show the whole time im working out.

I buy men’s because I love the way they fit

If you have a belly this will fit snug but rather comfortably. Don’t expect it to fit like the images

Nice but a little loose. Wish it was a little more form fitting

Great flattering shirt. Very thin and soft material, metal vent tech will keep you cool while working out. It is slim fit and will be snug around the arms, shoulders and chest if you get your usual size. It's not as form fitting around the mid-section. Definitely size up if you prefer a looser fit bc this shirt pretty much shows off everything.

Neck opening was too large and looks frumpy. Didn’t have this issue with my other metal vent long sleeves before, something must have changed.

Bring back dark red/savanah color it was my favorite

This is the worst shirt to workout in. Holding onto sweat is an understatement. Feel like a papertowel does after soaking up a spill. Not worth, size is like a giant fishing net. Disappointed because other colors do not fit the same. Buy at own risk.

This shirt is so light, breathable and comfortable for working out. I love this and I also wear it around the city and to school. The only thing to be aware about with this shirt is that it is extremely thin, so if it is cold outside, this shirt will not keep you very warm. But it is great inside. Since it is so thin, you can also see the shape of the chest and abs a lot (depending on if you get the right size for you that fits good). So, it is great for showing off the bod that you worked for

Very good product. Fix right and very comfortable.

Love the material and fit.

Great workout gear! Love this short

Perfect shirt for school and training strié to size, …size down if you want it close to you skin

I'd buy this but I'm not because the colors don't match the colors of the Metal Vent Tech T-Shirt. Why would you call the shirt color the exact same, but have it be a different color? Makes no sense to me.

Comfy, lightweight, well put together shirt especially for those slightly chilly days.

Fantastic shirt that keeps you warm

I’ve had many metal vent products that are amazing and was hoping the same for this. Unfortunately, the fabric is cheap material, it caused the shirt to stretch in weird places and directions. Was hoping for the same quality from the other items I’ve had in the past. Also, the neckline is not holding after only 1-2 washes. Very disappointed.

Fits well and love the material. Great lounge shirt or workouts

Great product and quality, really stays true to what Lulu represents

Up until recently, I’d be the first person to admit that Lululemon men’s gear hasn’t met the quality standard that they set for themselves back in the day. However, I was very pleasantly surprised by my most recent purchase. The shirts I bought - MVT 2.0 both long and short sleeve - fit well, felt good, and have held up after multiple washer/dryer cycles. The cut is more consistent too, which used to be one of my biggest issues with them. I’ll definitely be buying more in the future.

Great fit, fits to size perfect - it is light and breathable but is very durable for the workouts and washing

Too long and the fabric rips easily

Fit is strange. Sits crocked on body

I cant believe how much i love this color. The shirt is so light and comfortable.

Comfort level is off the charts. I bought it specifically to wear on long haul flights, and it did not disappoint!

This was a gift for my son and he loves it.

Consistant fit. Seems to last a long time.

Great shirt. Comfortable, just the right amount of stretch. Doesn't smell after a big workout. I wish there was a tag or writing on the inside of the shirt (on the back neck) so i can see which way i should be wearing the shirt.

Great product. Perfect for the gym.

Great shirt, high-quality, excellent fit. Looking forward to buying more!

Beautiful shirt. Love it.

A wonderful shirt as always!

I have bought 3 Metal Vent LS's and the older ones hold shape, wick sweat and have a great stretch. The latest one is far from that benchmark. The sleeves are still too long, but the body is much shorter and hardly covers my belt line, while the bust hardly fits my chest. The "stretch" also feels too restrictive. Much more similar to a kid's shirt.

First time purchasing something from Lululemon so ordered the size M and L. The sizing was really off. The medium feet except across the chest area. The large was about 4-5 inches bigger in circumference from the medium. The sleeves were extremely long and the neck line was huge. Ended up returning which was a bummer because the overall design and fabric was really nice.

It's taken me a while to nail down which shirt has caused my back to break out, I usually really enjoy Lululemon clothes, they're the only workout shorts I wear, and the dry sense shirts are great. I wore this shirt on vacation and the next day my back was broken out. I waited for it heal up, and then later wore the shirt again and sure enough I broke out

Fits well, very nice material, love the antimicrobial silver fabric.

Feels great! Looks Great! Love it!

I got this shirt to use for sun protection the light fabric makes it an easy choice for me on those hot humid summer days I play tennis … I also bought in light colors to help with the heat

I have a dozen metal vent shirts (in all styles). I bought them in the last 1-2 years. They are good as a single layer and to sweat in, but the neck is crazy big and stretches after every wash. You also can’t wear them under other layers without them bunching up (esp around neck). I also noticed that when I wore my padded shoulder on my bag, it pilled my shirts on the front and back when I walked to the the gym - so no bags on either:/ Need to replace one for gym as looks bad, so careful too!

I got the metal vent long sleeve 2.0 when it was on special, i was looking for a longsleeve shirt for biking and was not disappointed. My body temperature is controlled, i sweat less. I biked in 19C (plus a layer) and 35C and was happy. I tried the shirt for hiking and canoe and again was not disappointed. Ill get more of these for sure.


Unfortunately this shirt is pretty thin and is already feeling a little worn after only wearing it a few times. Also, this shirt is pretty itchy against skin

I have been wearing these shirts everyday for past 3 years. They became my WFH attire. Like others have said, the new style doesn't fit the same. The sleeves are longer, the neck is bigger, the length is longer and overall just a baggier fit. Wish they would not have changed the fit.

Got a M for my 5'11" 190lb teenager who plays box lacrosse (very sweaty sport). Looking for a compression type shirt as a barrier between the pads & skin but THIS is way better - slim fit was ideal without the "tight", kept him cool, wicked the sweat and bonus - Silverscent tech keeps the stink away (IOW - worth the price) Will be ordering more.

Bought it for my hubby, and it's one of his favorite shirts. Definitely fitted, but not too tight. It's his favorite work-from-home shirt.

6'2 188. More Slim/Tone runner body than muscular. I like long sleeves that are slim fit, not baggy but not tight like compression, so usually I get mediums but I go large for this because the sleeve length is right and for some reason, the collar on the mediums seem more loose than on the large. I dont like a wide loose collar, i like it more tight. This is more airy as it has lots of holes and vents. I prefer the Fast and Free long sleeve design and fabric, but still like this for everyday use

Metal vent are my favorites. This is the newest of 10 plus over the years. Durable and comfortable. I have already had compliments on this color the first time I wore it.

What is the name of these shorts? Where can I find them?

I own a few of both the SS and LS versions of these MVT2.0 shirts, and while they are great quality shirts (I’ve had some for many many years now), the sizing needs to be dialled in on them. Every time I buy one, the sizing is off from the previous one I bought, and I buy them once every couple months. The large SS fits perfect, not loose, but not tight, but the LS versions are basically skin tight, and are shorter in length as well. I love these shirts, but I might have to stop buying them now.

These long sleeve shirts excel all year long, cool months for layering warmth and sun protection in warmer months. Ace style and colors, maybe a few more lush shades like half zips.

I was excited to get this shirt and thought I would wear it a lot. However, the neck was stretched out and honestly the feel isn't that great. I love all of the shirts and pants I have purchased in the past but this one is a let down for me. I wore it twice and will probably donate it to goodwill. It isn't that comfortable and the neck line is awful. Really disapointed as I expect more out of the LuLu brand.

I use for trail running out in the Southwest. The long sleeves protect from the Sun. When it's cold I cover my hands. Too many brands make the sleeves too short. People that complain about the sleeves being too long must have little T-rex arms.

like a lot of others are saying the sleeves are laughably longer than normal. And the hole for your head is laughably huge. If you catch me in the right angle you can probably see my nipple through the neckline sagging down. really strange design choices as far as the measurements go and very poorly implemented. my wife bought me two of these and I literally hide them in the back of the closet so she doesn't give me grief for not wearing them. buy something else.

There is something about Lululemon that just works for me (and presumably many others)! The fit is perfect, tight enough to show off those muscles, but loose enough to have free range of motion. The material feels great, soft and stretchy so you feel comfortable wearing this while working out or just rocking that athleisure look. Nothing beats lulu for athletic wear, in my opinion. Even better, these often go on sale and you already know I'm stocking up as many as I can!

Great material but terrible design. As other reviewed have stated the sleeves are unnecessary long. Normally a huge fan of lululemon gear but after this purchase I feel cheated and robbed after paying $160+ for 2 shirts.

The material is great! But the neck opening is too big and hangs open down the front and the back. And I must have missed the fact I volunteered to be a walking billboard for LuLu, with large capital letters spelling Lululemon down the back. Only this color, which I really like, has this extra feature.

Cool looking, cool feeling. Protection from sun’s rays. Fits great!!

Not really sure why Lulu isn't listening to customer reviews for the mens line. I spent thousands on Lulu over the past few years and usually enjoy their mens line. But I do think they're heading into the wrong direction without listening to customer feedback. For example, this shirt has sleeves that are unnecessarily long and a neckline that fits horribly loose. Every time I wear it I want to rip it off and toss it in the garbage bin because of how annoying it is. What a waste of money.

More brown and less red than it looked on a screen but the color is still pleasing. Feels very soft. Love that it’s partly recycled. Doesn’t stink like my other clothes. Good fit/cut and thickness. A little overpriced. Breathes and wicks well. I will use this a long time.

Great shirt for an outside run in the Florida’s sunshine

Quality workout l/s shirt

love the material and the cut. perfect for working out in the winter time.

I love the way this shirt fits and feels to run/workout in but every time I wear this shirt and start to sweat a horrible odor starts to emit. The smell goes away in the wash but immediately returns once I wear it again. Very disappointing since I love the feel but the smell is unbearable

I love the way this shirt fits and feels to run/workout in but every time I wear this shirt and start to sweat a horrible odor starts to emit. The smell goes away in the wash but immediately returns once I wear it again. Very disappointing since I love the feel but the smell is unbearable

Great looking design pattern and typical soft & comfortable Lululemon feel. I like that the sizing is just right for this fabric.

Great Material, and keeps me warm. I love the thumb holes. Runs a bit small I went up a size

It fits really well but the material is a bit off I think, it has subtle grayish polyester threads running across the main color and one of these was pulled I think when I received this shirt. I know where it is so I constantly see it, but others probably don't :) A little disappointed about it, but the fit is great and I love working out in these shirts. Also, color is more brown then red - looks much darker than on the pictured model.

My first metal vent shirt. Very comfortable and light but 45 minutes into a 2 hour run it was soaked and I could wring out sweat.

In general, I love the metal vent. There are some sizing issues. It doesn’t fit like the short sleeve metal vents 2.0 but the size up is also too big for me. Unfortunately, I ended up returning it because neither size worked for me.

Soft comfortable material. More brown/orange colored than red.

Material is fine, it stretches throughout a workout but i can handle it. The problem is the neck. The neck stretches so much that its essentially sitting on my traps. Makes it look horrible and i can’t wear it to hangout in or workout. Bought 2 and they are just sitting in the closet

This is one of the best running shirts I tried. A must for cold weather runs. I sweat a lot and have trouble keeping my running gear from smelling, this shirt doesn’t stink and is amazing even after multiple runs. I now have 5 metal vents in my collection and nothing comes close.

Fits well and very comfortable

Quality of these are top notch. Awesome gym shirt. I probably own a dozen of these. My only complaint is sometimes the sizing is slightly off. I’m 6’2 (195lbs) and large fits very well. I do tend to like my shirts a little on the fitted side but every once and awhile I get one that’s a fair bit slimmer fitting then the rest. I recently bought the Marble blue dye and Raw linen about a month apart and the sizing of the two is definitely not the same.

Very soft and breathable. The color is beautiful I recommend it!

I've been buying Lululemon clothes for over 10 years and own quite a wardrobe of just about everything they sell. Most everything is excellent but there have been a few disappointments along the way. This certainly isn't one of them. I'm 6' 2" and weigh 185, size L fits perfectly. It's comfortable and stylish, perfect for wearing under a long sleeve button down shirt when it's chilly out. Highly recommended, sure to be one of my go to Lululemon casual wear.

I bought it online and it fits true to size and just what I needed to do exercises. It feels comfortable and breathable when working out.

I LOVE these shirts. (I have 3 other metal vent tech's) I always wear a XXL for the length because I'm a tall guy, but I noticed that the XXL this time lost a couple inches in length! I was bummed! Love the shirt, but I miss the length for us with long torsos!

The collar on this shirt is very stretched. This is the second metal vent long sleeve with the same problem. I will be returning this item.

Delicate mint/teal is actually just a drab forest green, not the blueish color pictured. I had to check the SKU multiple times because I assumed I had been sent the wrong color, but nope, the images are just off.

The neck line feels stretched and not tight. The material is nice

Love this shirt - the material is breathable and flexible, great work workouts and leisure. It runs a bit large.

Awesome breathable shirt for running and weight training. The fit is comfortable without that "skin tight" feeling.

The metal vent tech long sleeve shirt fits to size and is quite comfortable.

Great quality, and love the blue! I did not like cut of the the neck, so I returned it.

My husband LOVES it 1000%

Excellent. I bought two of this style to replace some similar Lulu shirts that were 5-6 years old. I was pleased that these were even better!

Material thin. Not durable. Slimmer than expected. Not worth the price.

Great shirt good feel good fit

Bought these for my boyfriend as a gift- he lives!

It was too small but I didn’t have a receipt in the mailer so I took it to a store yesterday to exchange for a larger size and they told me I couldn’t even exchange for exact same shirt in size larger without a receipt. I waited outside for half an hour in the cold to just get in the store so go with my thoughts on this now. Was I happy? Another shipment as my daughters gift lost in mail and have made multiple calls on this but now waiting for tracing. Your company name on mailer is a mistake as that is an invitation for it to get stolen in the shipping process. Pleased? Not yet!

Not typical Lululemon quality, some threads started coming out after one week of use and one wash

Almost dressy. Depending on what you wear it with. Navy blue is great color. Also love the texture. Bought it for my husband and he wore it immediately!

Keeps me warm on its own down to 12C, and in combination with a zipped hoodie down to 5C

It was a gift to my brother for Christmas and he seemed to love it when he opened it.

Same material as metal vent quarter zip and I love it. Very breathable and flexible. Only negative is the neck was a bit wide for my liking.

Selves are too long and baggy

Bought this for my son to wear for sport practice and games he participates in. Is comfy, good layer for the cold weather we’re having when he plays. Will see how well it can hold up after his season is over. Lots of gentle washing this thing will undergo.

I find the design of the shirt to be very good. The orange one I got the fabric was excellent, soft to the touch and good a wicking and no smell. The blue and the yellow I got are a totally different fabric. Not soft to the touch rough on your skin, its just not the same. It is sold and described as the same fabric. I can't exchange or return them because the were specials. I wish Lulu would be more consistent with their fabrics. This also happened to me with a pair of shorts.

True to size and very comfortable

I own a lot of Lulu and this was the worst shirt I have ever bought. I have this in several colors and happy with all of them expect the white one. This item stay’s wrinkled, embarrassing and unwearable. There must be something with this material because my other shirts do not have this problem. Would not recommend.

Looks good, well made, comfortable and light. Runs a bit long, not a bit large, just a bit long.

Love it. I particularly enjoy it when playing tennis as it protects me from the sun and yet it's breathable material allows me to reasonably perspire without having to change shirts multiple times between sets

A little lighter than I was anticipating. See through.

I’m a big fan of Metal Vent 2.0 fabric. This camo style version is great and seems to be more durable than the other styles. But above all, the fit is excellent

Love the vent tech fabric. Form fitting and feels super soft.

As others have said, the sizing has gotten worse (bigger and sloppier in the neck and mid-section) and worst of all, the metal vent’s in the last six months are paper-thin and unflattering. Buy if you’re cool with your nipples being visible at all times. It’s sad because I used to swear by metal vents and have so many variants of the 1.0 and even early 2.0’s.

After following the washing instructions, I still find that these stretch out substantially after just a few washes and now no longer wearable.

The vent tech is nicely made and comfortable. Only drawback is the sleeves are longer, and bit see through.

The early version of this shirt was much nicer in 2 ways 1. The collar was not as loose and didn’t stretch like the current version. 2 material in earlier version was slightly thicker.

This shirt is great for working out, and it looks great. However, the material has pilled very badly in one spot so much that a small hole is starting to form - I have used the shirt maybe 10 times over the last year or so, and I always wash with cold water and hang dry.

I bought one of these Vent Tech shirts at my campus bookstore and was horrified to find a hole in the sleeve after, literally, one wear and wash. This is the first lulu top I’ve bought and to say I’m disappointed is a huge understatement. I definitely feel like I’ve wasted my money — I really through I was choosing quality over quantity here …

Love my new gear! Perfect for colder days in Florida!

Perfect fit, great material

Love the fit and the beautiful colors!!

great breathability & fit. I love to use these as a base layer for active, leisure, & everyday outfits.

The shirt does what it is supposed to do: wicks away sweat and looks great.

It’s hard for me to find a shirt that fits this perfectly. It’s not too tight, not too loose and the arms are the perfect length. It’s a great weight for running in colder weather and I plan to use it as a base layer skiing this winter. I have other metal vent tech items (hoody and tee) and they’ve held up well. Hoping to get some good use out of this as well.

I have the long sleeve metal vent 1.0 in black, and there’s a huge quality difference between these and the metal vent 2.0. The material for the 1.0 is a lot more comfortable, as well as being stretchier and more resistant to forces. I hope they bring back the 1.0 material as the 2.0 is a bit disappointing.

Great long sleeve shirt. Thin and breezy. Anti-stink on these is amazing, I wore it for 3 days straight on a trip involving some lake and activity time and still smelled fresh. Worth the bucks.

Got this long sleeve for my boyfriend to elevate his 'athleisure' wardrobe - and he loves it! Great material

Super light weight very comfortable, perfect for working out.

Nice materials, fits well through the chest but the sleeves were very long for me. 5’10” and ordered a medium. Needed altering.

Great! I bought this shirt and a few others like it (in different colors) for my boyfriend and he loves to wear them. Perfect for the Texas fall, not too thick, but enough to keep him warm and it looks great. The fit pretty exact and his torso and arms are long; for the extra length, I did go a size up and it's a perfect fit!

I bought this shirt only a couple weeks ago, and while everything else fits well, the collar is a huge problem. After only one wear the collar is way too loose and stretched. It has not held its wear.

Very comfy casual running shirt! Fits well and is breathable

I have the Metal Vent 1.0 shirt and the fabric is stretchier and more breathable than this. I felt like I had a plastic bag on and the material is not as stretchy as the 1.0. The fit is pretty bad too. It’s boxy around the midsection. Lulu really needs to work on their fits

I was super excited to get the long sleeve version as I already own the short sleeve metal vent tech and absolutely love it. However, after one wash of the long sleeve there was a hole in the arm... very disappointed, was hoping for the same quality as my short sleeve

Lightweight and comfortable, that’s it. It serves its purpose.

Great fit, comfort and feel. The only issue I have are all the loose threads on the inside of the garment.

Runs a little big, love it though. I use it to workout and everyday life

Had to return. It was fraying on the arms and quality wasn’t up to the level I have known from lululemon.

Loved how this shirt look and got lots of compliments on the fit however after wearing it one time to church (not even to work out) it started piling and unraveling on the arms. I decided to return it.

Awesome fit and so comfy. Great for cool morning and evenings over a tank top. Love the cool and feel.

Loyal Lululemon customer and have purchased multiple 2.0 long sleeve metal vent tech shirts and my experience has been disappointing. Collar doesn't hold it's shape like older version and I think fit is not as true to size. Material not as durable either.

I bought this shirt from a shop about 2 months ago. It was highly recommended by a friend, but the quality was not there. After maybe 4 or 5 washes the collar is loose. I think there mau have been defective stitching, but I am no tailor. For the price I expected higher quality.

I wore this shirt three times, feels great. However, the seam start coming off at the arm area. Seems not worth it for an expensive shirt

Absolutely love it. Bought one 2 weeks ago and came back for more

I ordered this shirt after trying it on in the store and the fit was really bad.

There’s been a major drop in quality from the original Metal Vent Tech shirts. While my 1.0 shirts are still going strong, these new ones are thin, feel cheap and easily get runs in them after a handful of wears. Won’t be purchasing 2.0s again. Hopefully they’ve learned their lesson for V3.

A very well built shirt that will fit many different occasions. I am between a medium in a large normally. This medium fit just like it should. Slim through the body but still long enough in the sleeves and body to fit a tall and slender person. The arms and body had the length that I would have expected in a large. The fabric is smooth and flows well. The fit and finish is top notch.

The material and quality of the metal vent tech shirts has declined. While my older versions are still going strong, the shirts I have purchased since they were revamped are a thin material without any structure and have bacon neck in the collar. Would not recommend until the 3.0 version is released and quality is hopefully restored

Wore it in full sun in NH White Mountains and I stayed cool even in the dark color

Love the fit and love the material of this shirt. Can wear it to the gym, or even if you want to go out for a more casual outfit.

Received as a gift for my birthday and I'm in love. I wear this now in the heat of summer with the air on. It's light and breathable and so comfy. I see complaints about sleeve length. Yes they are longer but that works for me. For perspective I wear a 34/35 sleeves are perfect. They also roll up and hold nicely which I find myself doing for comfort and style. I wear a medium and am 5'11 180lbs.

Great shirt. Very light and fresh. A bit long on the arms

I love my MVTs, but especially this Iron blue / black / multi cherry one. It feel way more durable than the normal MVT2.0s but I also think the sizing is off on these. They fit a bit slimmer than the normal 2.0s, and I actually prefer the sizing on those. If you guys could get your sizing consistent these would truly be perfect

Not comfortable and cut too tight compared to my other Lululemon shirts.

Looked great on my boyfriend and fit true to size! He said he really likes it for day to day wear and working out.

Shirt fits great, hangs beautifully. Only issue is that sleeves are just a bit too long. The extra long sleeves don't really get in the way or disrupt the functionality of the shirt, but they do make the shirt look a bit funny

Live and am a commuter in Phoenix, this is perfect for the 100°+ days!!!

I love how the 2.0 metal vent tech shirts fit. Has a modern cut to highlight the vanity muscles (shoulders and chest) and is fitting at the waist but can be stretched out to be more loose too. All time my favorite gym and casual datenight tshirts

Sleeves way too long! Normally buy xl in the slim fit line cuz it fits like a normal large. For watcher reason the sleeves are way too long on this shirt!

I purchased my first Lululemon shirt about three months ago. I absolutely love the feel/breathability and received multiple compliments on the look. I’ve already purchased another one. The long sleeve Metal vent 2.0 would be my favorite t-shirt of all time, if not for a durability issue. I enjoy other competitive brands like Under Armor, Polar-tec, and Mountain Hardware, who also make high -tech performance fabrics, but Lululemon’s Metal vent shirt is the most comfortable and most versatile shirt I have discovered, and arguably it is the best looking. you can dress it up, or dress it down, You can wear it by itself or as a base layer. It’s ideal for sports and the outdoors, but you can even wear it with slacks to dinner. It’s super-soft and seamless, water-wicking, breathable comfort that is useful in virtually any environment. That accepted, for the price point, I expect quality and durability. Unfortunately for all it’s comfort, the shirt doesn’t hold up great. The seams are coming undone after only a couple months of light use and a couple delicate washes. I feel like this shirt/fabric has tremendous potential, if Lululemon could improve the quality and lifespan of metal vent shirt, it would be indisputable champion of ultra-comfortable, high-performance athletic leisure-ware, in my opinion. 3/5stars for durability, 5/5 for everything else.

I wish I would have read the reviews and tried on in store prior to purchasing two of these shirts. A lot of comments about large neck, clingy mid section, and super thin fabric are all warranted. Unfortunately I removed the tags and washed prior to ever putting them on, I figured it’s a long sleeve tee, I always wear large, no reason to worry about it. I was wrong.

The metal vent doesn't make any sense. I have a couple that fit great and form fitting. Particularly in the breathe line. But then I ordered the black and white and it's a complete baggy box. Legitimately a $15 bargain buy in feel and fit. Pajama shirt quality as well. I know different colors use different fabrics or materials, but this one was and is dumbfounding.

Great fit, love the green colour! My boyfriend loves it!

This shirt is a bit smaller than other Lulu shirts I've purchased in the past. The fabric almost feels rough compared to other shirts they offer.

Horrible quality! Not durable at all. This Does pill and for the price point, this is an expensive shirt and the texture is off, the size is off and the material is very flimsy.

Comfortable. Wearing it right now. People think I'm cool when I wear it, and most importantly, I think I'm cool when I wear it.

Comfortable and very breathable. Great for exercise or just hanging out. Is form fitting and flexible.

Usually I'm between a M-L in size. I'll admit I made a little tummy during the pandemic, which I'm trying to burn off, hence buying more workout clothes. Usually a large is good for me, even a little big, but in this I have to wear an XL so it doesn't shape around my beer belly. It's not huge, mind you. XL is too long lengthwise and for the sleeves. L would be perfect. Oh well, may have to go back to Lulu after losing the tum.

It's a great shirt (I got one in gray ans blue). They both run a little long so I got them hemmed yesterday; I'm excited to pick them up in a few days.

I received this as a gift and took it for a run the second it arrived. Metal Vent shirts are some of my favorite and this was the first long sleeve I’ve ever had. It is incredible. I got a medium (Height: 5’8”, Weight: 140 lbs) and its the perfect size (I like my clothes slightly loose). Air flows very nicely through the material, and it was no restricting at all. This will easily be one of the top shirts in my rotation.

Super comfortable long sleeve , I like the older style better than the current version.

The white long sleeve shirt is the tech shirt I've been looking for! I wanted one for summer to reflect sun light, vent heat and protect my arms from the sun to minimize sun block. Medium fits me very well (6'0", 175lb, 31" waist, 40" chest, lean athletic build). Has a fitted, tapered fit.

Loved it! It is light and functional. The quality is decent and it fits me well.

Too small and the quality was not what I expected for Lululemon.

Perfect for cold morning sessions, as a breathable base layer for outdoors, or for cool weather runs

Stitching is not strong. Overall, material is not bad, but fits like a bag and is cheaply made.

Very nice fabric and stitching seems nice, will last a while

I bought this (white, M) for my partner to run in and it was just what I was hoping it would be! Lightweight and breathable, the material is not at all see through. I bought a medium because all his shirts are medium and it fit good in the shoulders and biceps but on his slim/fit waist it was a little on the relaxed side, versus fitted. The fabric is soft but moisture wicking. Overall he looks super sexy and has run in it every day since he got it 4 days ago.

Shirt fits great except for sleeves run long. 5'10" 165 lbs. muscular build in size S

I have a TON in my Lululemon collection, however I have not seen anything as bad as this. The long sleeve does NOT hold up well, I've had this shirt for roughly a few months and there is a small HOLE in the right shoulder where one of the knits is supposed to overlap (square part of the knit). I have only used this shirt for running outside during cooler weather and also for light weight lifting-- they are not intense/rigorous exercises. Over time I have noticed that the fit of this shirt did not hold up well, it got so loose and the fabric has this 'dry' texture to it that doesn't feel soft like the other metal vent shirts I own. I always washed with cold water and hung this to dry, so I don't know why the yarns have diminished over a few months. I also have an extremely small body frame so I'm surprised that it didn't retain shape over time. For reference, I am 5'3 and about 120 pounds, so this shirt doesn't need to stretch so much. I still don't know how there got to be a hole in this because I rotate this shirt out with my other shirts. Honestly so disappointed because I have never had a Lululemon product go bad on me until this item. I would suggest everyone go check out their Drysense collection, as the fabric on that shirt doesn't seem to be made so poorly.

It’s a great piece. The fabric is brilliant. The color is great, I will acquire in other colors also. Just the sleeve size I think is a little longer than it should. I'm wondering if maybe I need XS and maybe its fits me better.

Love! I got this LS for my boyfriend and he loves it. The color is great. The fit is true to size and comfortable when we run or if he wears it to lift weights/workout outside. Plus, the fit looks really good. I definitely recommend - the women's version is awesome too.

Bought the new green long sleeve 2.0 shirt in a Large and it fits like a medium. Really tight around the chest. All my old 1.0 shirts fit perfectly and are a size L. I’m 6’0, 180, there’s no reason I should be wearing an XL shirt. These new shirts are very thin and snag easily too. The old design/fit was much better.

I bought this for my husband for Christmas and he really likes it. It's not too thick so it's perfect for workouts. Only downside is that is snags easily.

If you work out in these clothes and sweat (which is what they’re made for) your shirt will smell like sweat even after one wash. Would not recommend spending this much money on a shirt that smells after one lift/run.

I’m getting chaffing at the nipple area which is not what I expected from this product.

I own several pairs of the older Metal Vent and the new sizing is just a catastrophe! The slim fit is way to constricting and the length is way too short on these. As a guy who's 6 ft 1, I can't even raise my arms without showing my stomach. I refuse to purchase another item from Lululemon until they get the sizing right again.

Just a very poorly made shirt. The fabric is very thin and delicate. I have several of the 1.0s for a couple of years and with no exaggeration, I doubt these will last even a couple of months. Wore it to the gym once and there is already several snags on the shirt. Lululemon should have invested in better quality control before putting this to market, especially for the price you pay.

Just like many others and Mikeylemonfan have mentioned, I miss the fabric, feel, and quality from the 1.0 shirts. I bought 3 of them and recently was thinking it was time to get more. When I went to the store to try the 2.0s on, I felt really disgusted with what they did. It feels nothing like the 1.0 and like Mikeylemonfan said, it feels cheap and scratchy on the skin. The 1.0 was so smooth and better fitting on the body. I actually have gone back to store fronts to keep on trying them on and I just need to quit doing it because they really aren't worth it.

Super comfortable, always a favorite and a closet staple.

Super soft and breathable, I love to buy the men's shirts for the long length and comfort of not being tight around the stomach. Would highly recommend for any woman that wants comfort and performance.

I own a few metal vent tech long sleeves 2.0. I have it in the Savannah color. However, the mineral blue color that I recently purchased fits way differently than my other 2.0s. I am disappointed at the different fitting of this 2.0.

Too thin! Too tight and uncomfortable. Too expensive for what you get! Not in line with Lululemon quality!

Excellent. This is a staple addition to training gear.

Nice material (similar to a past one I’ve ordered), but completely different fit. Not sure if they’ve changed how they are made or if I just randomly got a weird size, but not all mediums are alike!

This long sleeve shirts offers quality performance, no matter if you're out for a run, lifting weights, or cycling. It's also breathable and odor-resistant. I hope to purchase more of these.

Good fit, sleeves oddly long, well past my wrists - I guess for warmth? I have owned 2 other vent tech tops in the black/heather color and found that the color fades in sunlight - I wear them biking and the backs are now a different color than the fronts. But I still like the material and the fit.

Awesome shirt. Fits perfect to size. Looks great. Super comfortable.

super comfy great fit, highly recommend this for working out

Nice material but the Neck is quite large... much larger than the older models. Unfortunately, I only wear it under other clothes which defeats the purpose of this garment

Great shirt. Fabric is very comfortable and fit is as expected. Time will tell how it does with odors but that’s not of primary concern.