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Sumptuously Soft™ Full Cup T-Shirt Bra A-E





Reviews (2790)

From the very first time of wearing it is So comfortable but supportive, hardly know you’re wearing it.

Lovely colour and very soft material. Wide straps too.

Extremely comfortable and soft material. Good support too.

I ordered this for my sister. She avoids wearing a bra most of the time because finds them uncomfortable. I said to her how comfortable these bras are as I have them too and she now has 4 of them. The band around your back is deep, soft, stretches and doesn’t dig in. They wash well and keep their shape.

Second purchase of these bra’s. They are so comfortable yet pretty. Wear them every day, wash well too. Will be purchasing in other colours.

Really comfortable. Had them before and 5hey last well.

Excellent product, incredibly soft and comfortable

This is a lovely, soft, comfortable bra and I’m very happy with it.

This bra is so comfortable that I hardly feel that I am wearing it which is how all good underwear should feel.

The wire for the under wiring was bent, so it did not sit right.

I find these bras very comfortable and sizing is very good

I actually ordered this bra thinking it was the wireless one but i am so glad i did because it is the most comfortable wired bra i have ever worn.

These lovely bras really are soft. So comfortable to wear, the best bras I have ever bought

Softest fabric and most comfortable bra I have ever worn. I have been buying these since they came out a few years ago and will continue to do so.

I’ve been buying these bras for years very happy with them. Now I can’t buy them in the shade and size I want opaline size 34b. It appears that M&S are phasing this style out and bringing a new one in with lace. Why do M&S do this. They did it with the flexi fit knickers. Why change something that’s been popular. As the saying goes “why fix it when it’s not broke”

I have bought four of these bras in three different colours. Really comfortable and fit well.

This has been my bra for years, however I feel like M&S have changed the materials and shape slightly, which is disappointing. But it still does the job

My daughter was after a non wired bra but the choices were extremely limited in her size. I convinced her to try underwire and the nice assistant recommended this one although it is being discontinued. My daughter loved it and said it was so comfortable and soft that I immediately ordered her another

Lovely fit. Smooth under clothes. Very comfortable and good value

Great fit, really sumptuously soft, gives a full and natural round shape, good support and the fabric looks elegant. I ordered ten different styles and ended up returning all but this one. The only thing left is to see how well it preserves over time, especially the back band.

This is my second as just as described, extremely comfortable.

The most comfortable bra ever ,but if buying on line beware as they charge £22 each & when they arrive it has £20 on attached label ,customer service gave me a refund ,

I don't buy anything except this bra now, it is so comfortable!

Such a comfortable bra lovely fit and so soft best bra I've brought

Bought for my elderly mother looking for something comfortable. She was very happy with it.

The material of the bra is very soft and comfortable. I have several of this bra in different colours.

I continually buy these bras, super comfy , great material, BUT the plastic underwire always always snaps , I have to keep buying new ones as a result 🥴 underwire should be metal , not plastic in my view.

Bought black but would have preferred natural colour only black available in correct size

Didn't think it was a great bra having tried it on, but kept it because I needed a new bra immediately. Having worn it many times now, it is a great bra. Comfortable, very soft and practical. Would definitely buy another.

The most comfortable bra I've ever owned. I buy one everytime I visit the UK as we don't have M&S in Australia. I tried the new versions and they are nowhere near as comfortable - I do hope you don't stop making the originals!

I have always worn these bras and have them in white,skin tone and black.I will say that the plastic underwires do not seem to last as long as the old metal ones- they snap easily but they are more comfortable. I was a little annoyed to pay £22 but when the bra came it had a price tag of £20 on it??

Very soft against the skin. I have surgical scars which most bras hurt, but these are fine. My usual size fits perfectly.

So pleased with this bra, it fits perfect, it’s soft and comfortable and doesn’t show through your clothing, will be buying again.

Fits true to size Lovely soft material Quick delivery Good value for money

Very comfortable smooth fitting bra, at a good price.

Best bra for me by far - soft, smooth, supportive and comfy

Brilliant best fitting bra so comfy and anti slip straps

Lovely bras but had under wires so could not wear them. What has happened to the padded non wired bras.

Lovely & soft, first bra i literally do not notice i'm wearing all day & don't want to fling off after work! Bought in nude & black!

Perfect fit and so very sumptuously soft. Will most definitely buy this in other colours.

Love the sumptuously soft bras. Unfortunately, the non-wired ones are always sold out in my size. However, this feels quite comfortable even with the wire.

Beautiful, very soft and comfortable, better than the one I bought years ago. Thank you:)

I had bought this bra first in black instore. The comfort and perfect fitting of the bra made me decide to buy the same bra in a different colour. Very pleased with my purchase. The slight padding makes it a perfect bra to wear under a tight fitting top.

Extremely soft and very comfortable. Supportive in all the right places.

Well fitting (when you get the right size), soft as it says and comfortable bra. Definitely works with a T-shirt.

Always buy these bras perfect fit so comfortable .

Bought this for work in a 36B - perfect fit and so comfortable

When l last replaced my M&S bras I was dissapointed as they weren’t comfortable. That was not down to the bra! I had assumed I was still a 38 C when in fact I am a 42 A. Excellent bra as expected.

I have bought this bra a few times now. Eventually the undewire pokes through, get at least 6 months alternate days wear out of it.

Perfect fit lovely and soft material will definitely be ordering another one.

These are my go-to bras now. Soft & comfortable and washes well. Shame they’ve put the price up!!!

Fantastic bra - so soft and comfortable. If you have to wear a bra, this is the one. Have in all colours

Perfect bra . So comfy. Shame the white was out of stock on line . Want to order more .

Disappointed in quality of the bra’s have bought before but not as good, wouldn’t purchase again

Very soft and comfortable next to the skin. Good value for money. A little tight but I am a 36B and all bras are a little tight but 38 is too big so I use a bra extender which makes it more comfortable.

very comfortable, lovely soft material, one of those bras you can't actually feel you're wearing.

As always with M&S it's a brilliant fit and fantastic quality. Couldn't be happier.

Bras comfortable soft and good fit. As a large lady it is difficult to find a bra that’s feel comfortable recommend this for plus size ladies

Great support from a really soft & comfortable bra. This is the first time in my life that I can wear a bra all day without feeling any discomfort at all. I wish there were more colours in the range. I have all three now

Very comfortable bra, fits well and is just perfect

Comfortable and supporting bra that does not shoe beneath t-shirts and white clothing.

Bought 3 black and beige were fine but had to return white ones twice as piping was scraping my skin. Seems as though the material was melted.Bought a different white one.

The most comfortable bra I have ever worn. Gives the right amount of support and feels wonderful!! Washes well too. I am that impressed, I have bought 2 more in different colours.

lasted less than 3 months before a very sharp wire stuck through. wasn't able to wear it as would have injured myself

No matter how I adjust the straps they fall off my shoulders. I think they are set too wide apart and would perhaps benefit from the straps being closer together in the back.

I always wear these bras and ordered my usual 38C cup but this bra this year was far too tight and the straps not long enough. I am not big and lost weight. Returned & bought 38D and kept this, but again the straps are quite a lot shorter than all previous ones . The whole bra is smaller although I have gone up a cup size.

very comfy to wear i wouldn’t hesitate to buy ideal for work i purchased 40DD

Best bra i have owned so far and i have owned many bras at the age of 52.

Great bra, that fits really well. The straps stay put and it gives a smooth modest shape under close fitting tee shirts. Would love more colour choices.

Good same quality as always. Always buy and true to size

I attended last week for a bra fit at the Rochdale store. A very nice and friendly lady named Val helped me with the fitting and gave me lots of good advice. I later selected with her help the bra above which is a perfect fit and very comfortable. It is worth getting properly measured for a bra.

Really comfortable. Great fit through the cups. Nice deep, scoop-shaped back helps prevent back fat spillage so looks more flattering under clothes!

This bra is soft and very comfortable. The design must be very popular because it has remained unchanged for a long time. It’s a winner.

Quality product for a very reasonable price. Wife will only buy M&S

Beautifully soft and comfortable bra. Bought the black too with grey edging….really lovely

Lovely. Soft and comfortable. I must remember not to put this one in the tumble drier!

The most comfortable bra I have worn. So soft and great fabric

Always buy these bra now as they fit so well and are really comfortable

The bras are good quality and wash well . The fitting process was done sensitively and the lady was knowledgable about the product . Would recommend.

Nice and soft bra, the only issue for me - wish the straps had more support in them, maybe should be a bit wider for the bigger cup sizes (38D). Would be a perfect bra then.

Soft and comfortable fitting bra, whilst still providing support. Definitely recommend.

I’ve had two of these comfortable bras, they fit well & are easy to wear.

This is the 2nd of these bras I have purchased really comfortable will be getting another especially good value with 20 per cent off

Soft, comfortable and fits well. Very happy with this purchase.

Love these Bras they are so comfortable. I ordered more because I loved them so much

Just love these bras. So soft and comfortable just wish there were more colours and matching knickers

Not the right fit for me and I tried several cup sizes

I was looking for a more comfortable bra and found one. The wires are not as high as my previous M&S bra. Very comfortable and easy to wear and wash.

Comfortable and supportive enough but has annoying tendency for straps to slide off my shoulders. Otherwise a decent bra for the price.

The bra is good quality,comfortable to wear, giving a nice defined shape to the bust.

So soft and comfortable, will be purchasing in different colours.

It’s extremely comfortable, you don’t really remember you have a bra on ! It also washes very well provided you follow the washing instructions

I’ve got a few of these and they are so comfortable and look good under a tee shirt!

Great first class as always would not go anywhere else

Got measured a few year ago and this is now the only style I wear. So comfortable and the quality is amazing

Beautifully soft and comfortable. Would definitely buy again

Lovely and soft good fit washes well holds it's shape gives a nice smooth line to tops ect would recommend

Fits so well and feels so comfortable. I’m very pleased with it and good value for money. Would definitely recommend

Very comfortable and soft, slightly big in the band so when it gets old I might nit be able to get it tight enough.

Very comfortable bra. Washed well and stayed in shape.

These bras are very soft and comfortable to wear I love them

This bra is so comfortable and soft this is the 3rd on e i have purchased and definitely recommend

Soft comfy bra. Good quality and price . Have bought a number of these bras.

Very comfortable bra,I like the soft feel of the fabric but still gives me support.

This is a lovely soft bra with middle of the road firmness. I really like to style and fit of these bras. Have bought several over the last few years.

I love these bra’s and have re-ordered many times. Great everyday bra, good support and super soft material. A must have.

Exactly what it says on the label, super soft and comfortable. This has been my 'go to' bra for over 10 years.

Very soft and comfortable bra. You hardly notice you are wearing it.

Wore these bra's for a few years. Very comfortable.

My usual style and fit but I normally wear the non wired version. Still comfortable.

Super comfortable bra, fits perfectly and gives a smooth look under clothes.

Brought this bra after seeing and trying on my daughters Its comfortable and soft but still plenty of support, at last a bra that fits.

A really good fitting comfortable bra providing good support

Really soft, very supportive and easy to put on. Fits perfectly, thanks to your bra fitting service.

Lovely to touch,look nice,only thing is found them a bit lose at top of boobs

Very soft and comfortable to wear. Fit is excellent.

Extremely soft and comfortable. So pleased I ordered a second psir

I've found this to fit well and be supremely comfortable to wear, so I now have a few as it has become my go to everyday bra. I like the opaline colour, as it is invisible under everything (better than white under white).

Trusty(ish) bra although recently the underwires start sticking through the fabric and I end up wearing as wireless bra

The most comfortable bra I have ever worn! I have searched high and low for a bra that I can wear everyday, without feeling I need to take it off after a couple of hours. I find most bras itchy, scratchy and uncomfortable, especially after they have been washed a few times. Not these though, super soft and comfortable the whole day through. Thank you M&S

Thus bra is so comfortable! It is soft and gentle and gives brilliant support.

The bra fits well and is very comfortable. I would order another one.

I like this bra, it is soft and comfortable to wear with good support

Best everyday bra ever. Full stop. Will be buying another soon.

Most comfortable bra ever, and it doesn’t show through if wearing a fitted top. However, the whiteness of the bra doesn’t stay brilliant for more than a few months even though it is only washed in a white wash.

My favourite bra,it's as it says so soft and comfortable, I cant have any other now,they aren't as comfy

Theses Bras are so soft and comfortable, I would definitely recommend.

after having so many different bras that didnt fit or feel comfortable i have fineally found this one which fits perfect and feels comfortable to wear.

I always buy this bra. It is comfortable, supportive, discreet and gives me a great shape. What more can I ask!

Very comfortable, very flattering x this is my 3rd white one. I also have 2 in black

Really soft and very comfortable. However this is my 3rd, as the wire pops out eventually. A great bra that doesn’t show under clothes.

The best bra l have ever had. Very comfortable,holes every thing in place no wobbly bits. I bought 3 more,will buy more when needed.

Soft and comfortable bra, with slightly wider straps.

Super soft and very comfortable. Best fitting bra I have had for a long time.

I have this bra in all the colours available and have recommended it to friends as it’s so soft and comfortable to wear

Perfect T-shirt bra! So comfortable I’ll be getting a few more

Great fit and very comfortable. My go to bra from M&S. I have other colours. However disappointingly low number of matching knickers for this shade. I’ve ordered some online, if they’re no good I’ll be returning the bra too.

Very comfortable, maybe could have come down a cup size, nice, soft material, looks good, feels great.

These are very comfortable soft bras, this is the sixth one I’ve bought, I wouldn’t wear anything else

Excellent customer service in Lingerie department will recommend .

It is a lovely, soft, comfortable bra. Fits well and washes well too.

A bra you can wear all day from day one! Very comfortable .

Good product ,.....................................

Lovely and soft, nice bright white, comfortable to wear, band a little bit looser than other 34Es purchased, nice cotton feel

So comfortable and soft you forget you are wearing a bra.

It is incredibly soft, just feel that it is slightly too padded

This bra is so soft, comfortable and an excellent fit. The perfect amount of padding in the cup. I wish the surface of the bra hadn’t had detail and that it was in a nude colour as i was looking for an invisible t-shirt bra. I hope m&s make this in ‘nude’ and i will buy it as it truly was so soft and comfortable

The fabric is exceptionally soft and comfortable, the padding gives a smooth silhouette and the flexible underwires give great shape and support.

Such a comfortable bra. Great fit and lovely material

Very comfortable bra! So soft. Washes well too. Love that the opaline is invisible under most colours including white.

Everything about these bras is so soft & comfotable, even the straps. They also wash very well.

Very comfortable and easy to wear. Highly recommend.

I love these bras, and have worn them for years. Unfortunately both the bras I ordered had a faulty seam (just not finished off well) which left a rough edge which rubbed and broke my skin. Dealt with very well by staff

Very soft and comfortable fit would recommend to a friend

I’m feeling comfortable prefect wear bras is beautiful

Really comfortable bra, I have in several colours. Gives a nice shape and feels very soft against skin. It’s my go to bra for every day wear.

This bra is so comfortable & super soft next to the skin. Nothing chafes or cuts in, very well designed. Washes extremely well, make sure you follow the recommended delicate wash instructions. I now have this bra in all 3 available colours. Come on M&S, additional colour launch required please.

Super soft and very comfortable bra,I wouldn’t wear any other.

Underwire pokes into you, i like these bras because the are so soft, i have purchased quite a few. Sometimes the under wire takes a while to poke thru but this time it happened on the first day. Its not right thru the material yet but its hurting me. Whoever makes them does not take care when making them to sufficiently cover the wires either end. Never had this problem as bad eith other M and S bras. It is disappointing

Very soft nicd to wear and comfortable. Find one of the straps has a tendency to slip down.

Great fit soft and comfy, material very nice very supportive

Incredible bra, never had one like this before. I love M&S bras but the past couple I have bought the wires kept coming out. Was sceptical about buying another but this one has to be the best so far. If the wire comes out then a complaint will go in

A beautifully soft, well fitting bra, but the straps should be longer - I have to have them at the limit.

Probably the most comfortable bra I've owned. Had a professional bra fitting and extremely pleased.

Previously purchased as this bra is comfortable and the colour less obvious under clothing.

I love this bra. It's comfortable, a good shape and fits well. I bought the nude colour but liked it so much I bought the black one as well.

Rising prices meant that I thought long and hard over spending a couple of pounds before deciding to buy. Am extremely glad I did as the softer fabric and more forgiving performance while wearing has made such a huge difference to the M+S bras I’ve been happy with for an very long time. This bra has prompted me to sort through my drawer please, please don’t discontinue this range as it’s a clear winner and I’ll be back for more.

I cannot recommend this bra enough! It's so comfortable I can't imagine wearing anything else.

Beautiful texture great fitting bra looks and feels good

The most comfortable bra I have purchased so I have four now.

This is the best one I purchased from M&S so far. Will buy again.

Extremely comfortable and a good fit, perfect for under t-shirts and all clothing. Makes you lift and shape and straps don’t dig in.

Love theses bras. Good fit, nice soft fabric which keeps it shape. Wish they did them in more colours. A bit fed up with just 3 boring colour choices. Would be great to have some soft pastel colours.

Enough support and good everyday bra for the price

Not too sure what the support will be like for bigger busts but comfortable and good value

Comfortable, exactly what I wanted. I find if T-shirt bras don't have an edge to the cup they tend to roll and not lie flat after washing. this bra is great, washes well and keeps it's shape.

So comfy and it washes really well. Will defo be buying more!

This bra gives a good shape, it’s soft and the most comfortable bra which I can wear all day without it digging in and driving me crazy all day, the best fit I’ve ever had, I will be purchasing again in the future. Highly recommend

I went for a bra fitting and this in the correct size is so comfortable. Fits perfectly and doesn’t show any lines with T-shirts.

My 2nd purchase of this bra I love the comfort and fit

Feels very supportive and so soft. Better to pay a few extra pounds for this bra rather than cheaper options.

It is a nice soft comfortable bra but not as nice as the one that I purchased previously that was discontinued..Wanted to replace it ..not as good

Just as described. Very comfortable and a good fit. Washes well

Got this bra for my sister as she’s housebound atm. She’s 44c and the bra fitted well. Some of the other M&S bras that I tried for her which we’re supposed to be 44 were way too tight on the back.

I’ve been trying different bras in the sumptuously soft and finally this one fits perfectly. The full cup helps keep my ageing boobs in place and it gives good support. Having ow worn it all day without me thinking about it is proof that it fits well. Highly recommended for older ladies who need that extra support and reassurance.

Feels too soft so doesn’t give support. Feel like I have the wrong size as fabric is so stretchy it rides up.

So comfortable. Washes well and keeps its shape. Colour is good and will definitely buy more!

So so comfy, they do stretch a little after a while but so worth it

The most comfortable bra ever!! Even great in this ridiculous temperature!

Soft and comfortable with good support. So happy with it I purchased a second

A very soft comfortable bra. I’m so happy with it I am going to buy the other two colours!

This bra is very comfortable, gives a smooth profile and a lovely shape. True to size and I would definitely buy again.

Love this bra really comfortable and lovely and soft

I have bought and worn this bra a number of times and always pleased with it.

Abs best bra ever ! I’m getting this 38DD in every colour I can get love love love ❤️

I love these bras from M&S, they are soft, comfy, great fit, colour choice is basic and I would love more colour choice. They wash really well. I highly recommend

Very comfortable. Second time ive bought this bra.

I've always been stuck in my ways buying cheaper bras but had enough of discomfort and bras showing through my t-shirts. I popped into my local M&S store and was helped by a lovely lady who personally recommended this bra. She suggested I tried on both the wired and underwired as she advised the choice of having underwire is always a personal one. I chose the underwired as I felt it fitted better. The bra is soooo comfy. I used to be the type who couldn't wait to get my bra off when I got home after work. Now, I'm in no rush whatsoever! Great it's in the essential basic colours but would be great if the colour range was extended to include light grey and light pink too amongst others. Thank you M&S for producing a lovely bra. I will be buying more for sure! Please don't discontinue it!

Extremely comfortable and excellent fit. Soft fabric and very supportive.

After a few tries as M&S no longer do my chosen bra, this proved to be an amazingly comfortable fit. It fits well around the bust and arms and the double thickness of the padding allows for a lovely smooth fit under clothing. The wiring and sewing underneath is so much better made than all the others I tried.