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Reviews (1613)

I love this underwear so much! I love everything Skims! I wish they would have a contest to join to win a shopping spree, what do you think ladies? One day when I can I want to order one of each of everything! Excellent quality, so soft and buttery feel, thank you!

Fits great. Fabric is thin, but strong. Perfect.

Pretty happy w price quality fit and look of all my Skims underwear

Fits ok. Does not stay tight. Throughout the day expands.

Best boy shorts for sure

Favorite style and fun colors!!

I seriously love these boy shorts! I have 4 pairs now! Seamless, light, comfortable and cute! Been a Skims fan from day one of purchase! Kim knows her stuff

So comfy and flattering! Love that they have a little extra coverage while still being lighter and airy.

I’d buy them again or try a different style

Totally amazing fit and comfort. I would recommend skims to everyone.

Fits perfect

So soft to wear

Repeat purchase

These panties are thin, breathable, and not transparent. I love them!

These are extremely see-through (think pantyhose or tights), which is fine, if that is what you want.

Great product! These fit perfectly and are so lightweight. Very comfortable to wear!

Snagged these during the sale and they had their signature umber on sale which I am obsessed with, these are so comfy and great when you are on your period.

They don't fit like a boy short, more like a cheeky bikini fit. They were so sheer that you can see everything and not in a cute way. Kept getting scared I wasn't wearing underwear.

Best underwear I have ever owned. Feels like I have nothing on.

Fits like a dream.

Confortable and Fresh

This boy short in onyx is awesome ! The material is soft and smooth. Fits comfortably with great coverage. Great for sensitive skin. Feels light on the body.

This boy short in mica is amazing! The material is soft and smooth. Fits comfortably with great coverage. Great for sensitive skin. Feels light on the body.

I love how forgiving the fabric is, these underwear are so easy to wear. The fabric reduces roll down and conforms to my body in a way that other underwear does not. I recommend SKIMS to literally everyone I know personally. The boy short is fuller coverage so if you're wanting something slightly more risqué, I would opt for a thong or cheeky. These are for when I am wearing a dress that at any moment or intense breeze, would fly up.

I am officially obsessed! The fabric is so soft and these are so comfy. I am a skims Stan!

I saw the commercial and was intrigued with that snap back fit. I was surprised to see plus sizes as an option. Thought I'd take the chance and try em. When I received them, they were so tiny looking! There was no way these were the proper size or going to fit! But then I stretched them and watched them snap back and was ready to try them on. They actually fit! They are so comfortable! I can't even tell I am wearing them! The only concern I have, as a plus size body type, they don't stay up on my waistline, they roll down too easily and every time. However, I still can't tell they are on, even rolled down, still just as comfortable and still forget that I am wearing them!

Perfect fit and feel! I love the fits everybody collection! Never going back to anything else.

These are like silk - I love that I can see my tatoo through them but they're not actually see through. Ordering so many more pairs.

I love that these underwear do not cut into my upper leg like a lot of panties. They are super comfortable and breathable. I will never wear anything else as long as Skims fits everybody boy shorts are available on the market.

the most invisible underwear under clothes, and incredibly comfortable

They fit like commando, love that feeling 💚

Very comfy

Much bigger than Large

These fit great, they are soft, wash well, I want to order more!

Thin material doesn’t really justify the price point. I want to love this brand so bad but after spending almost 200$ I’m not really impressed like I thought I would be.

Very happy with my purchase.

This item is amazing! Once again the fits everybody hits it out of the park! So soft and comfortable and looks so hot and cute. Feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Love them, so comfortable and the fabric is so soft.

When I'm ill and laid up these boy shorts are perfect to NOT give me a sore from panties riding up my behind. Very cool and comfortable... great purchase

They truly feel as if you have nothing on. They are comfy, cute and breathable. I really like them and plan to order more. They also do not ride up my butt which is a HUGE plus for me.

These are the best! Deals like you’ve got nothing on! ❤️

I love the boy short underwear. Very comfortable Excellent quality of boy shorts

First, if you are looking for a true boy short this is not it. They fit more like briefs than boy shorts. Two they are barely noticeable when they are on which is points for comfort, but the fabric tends to cling to anything you are wearing (I.e. you have a pair of pants that always fall down, your underwear will go with them). Points for comfort, subtracted points for the other issues.

rolls down

Great coverage, doesnt ride up the canyon. The only downside i found was the top rolls down due to the belly overtaking the underwear territory.. Still not uncomfortable. I am also concerned that there may be an odor issue as this is not cotton...but still great drawers.

The bottoms rolled up on me

The color reminds me of a ball room mirror ball!

I think their tag line says it all!

Love these and will be buying more.

I wore these one time and washed them in a garment bag, and they had a hole in them. Maybe I’m only supposed to hand wash. If so, that’s on me. Just sad because I do love them. It’s like you’re wearing nothing.

These don’t ride up! That’s why I love them! I hate the feeling on a thong and I’ll never get used to it!! Full coverage is comfortable!

Omg i am kinda sad cuz i didnt know before abt skims however , NOW i know it this is my first skims until forever so great i can not feel i wear this ahaha i am sure ppl didnt know skims once but once ppl know skims and start to wear skims ppl never ever buy others they can not buy others cuz skims are the best

The material is so soft. It provides nice coverage. Doesn’t provide as much support as I would’ve liked.

I like these shorts for their comfort. I hope more colors will be available soon. Thank you SKIMS for this comfortable underwear.

Amazing!! Be careful pulling up as material will rip

Omg omg i feel like i did not wear anything that much comfy soooo great . My friends already buy what i buy

Love the fabric and the fit

I now have about 20 pair of these panties in various colors. I will not buy any other brand EVER again! These are the MOST COMFORTABLE pair of panties I’ve ever put on my body!

Full coverage. Comfy too.

Not seamless but otherwise fine

Loved them! I’m a big believer in no panty lines in this day and age, so I usually wear thongs forever. However, let’s face it, not that comfortable. But I’ve been wearing my new Skims in place of my thongs since I got them. So comfortable!

super comfy , a little cheeky. runs big

Love it! Nice fit and very comfortable

I absolutely love love LOVE these! I have so many! Never want to wear anything else!

So smooth and comfortable! Can't even feel them on!

Amazing the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn! Also didn’t see a seam. I love these so much I will be buying more .


I love this color and the fits everybody fabric is super comfortable!

Feels like second skin. The most comfortable underwear Ive ever had. I wish it was seamless but it’s pretty close.

Pretty and they fit well

Pretty and they feel good to wear

Very comfortable, very thin, not visible under clothes at all.

Love the fit 😍 soft and sexy !

Super comfortable.

I really love these! The material is thin though so I hope they hold up over time.

The Fits Everybody material is my favorite as far as SKIMS intimates go. These are hard to wear under clothes though because there's so much material/coverage, they tend to ride up in the front thigh area.


These are basically the only underwear I own. Def more of a navy girl so happy to have this color way!

I am a size 12 and brought a large which covers my curves perfectly!

Feels like I am wearing nothing! The light coolness of the material could not be any better! Love for periods!

Flimsy material not much structure but comfortable

Love the fabric on the underwear, super soft, and it fits really well. I feel like I can wear this one around the house on its own

I’m 150 and wear medium in panties and this was perfect. Washes well too

Very sexy

These are my absolute most favorite underwear ever.

I am an official skims fan! These leave you feelin like you have nothing on! Bought a large but a medium would fit. I am 5'6, 153 lbs for reference. Will be ordering more and trying the bra's next! Thank you!

These pants are super cute. Love that they match the bras that I am liking on this site. Bravo!

This is my favorite underwear now I only wear this. I like how it goes up to my waist it doesn’t feel tight At the end of the day. I’m a chunky woman and I just love the fit

Fits perfectly, not bulky and NO VISIBLE PANTY LINES.

They fit ok but are comfortable don't fit on hips keep falling down

So buttery soft and comfortable. I appreciate the full booty coverage whilst not being visible under trousers and pants. Will be buying more in other colours.

I would definitely buy these again

I though they would be a little more supportive but they are super comfortable

Def my fav style of panties!

I love these! Next time will order a smaller size.

These boy shorts are amazing! I will be buying several more. They are so soft!

These are lovely but they’re very sheer which was not what I was looking for.

I like it

I like it

I like it


Love ❤️. Will be purchasing more.

Feels like I’m not wearing underwear

Very thin and breathable, yet definitely felt supportive enough to be comfortable!

Fits to size! Super comfy and non irritating. These are now the only underwear I want in my life!

Love it! Easy to wash quick to dry super comfy

Not bad but the rise is not my fave. I like it higher. It is soft!

I love these. Perfect fit, very comfortable, no visible lines and most of all, they make me feel sexy! They brought sexy back into my life! 😊

Nice boyshort very airy. Love the soft feel

Super soft and doesn’t dig at all! Love these for sleeping. Have in many colors. Will buy them all ;)

Feel and fit great

Feel and fit great

Feel and fit great!

I have never owned a more comfortable boy short! They fit so well, and have the perfect amount of stretch. I definitely will be purchasing more colors and recommending to everyone!

Loved these at first but after washing and wearing 2nd time they kept riding up , really hate that cause I wanted to love these.

Very comfortable!

Comfy and sooo soft ❤️

I really love these underwear if they fit perfect for me

Great fit and super comfortable

Very comfortable and stretchy, so possibly size down although i am happy i didn't because it would be too see-through.

I’ve been buys skims for years and I’ve only just bought the boy shorts. They are perfect for just wearing around the house. So comfy!!!

Soft and stays in its place

These are perfect! Like the perfect stretch and Peru for that time of the month. Get these!

This is a very comfortable, smooth fitting panty.. it works with all shapes of clothing .. I also have 7 pair of them in onyx and wear them daily…

I love it! So comfy.

Very comfortable. True to size with a lot of stretch. Just wish you couldn’t see the fabric so much through leggings.

Very comfortable. True to size with a lot of stretch. Just wish you couldn’t see the fabric so much through leggings.

Very comfortable. True to size with a lot of stretch. Just wish you couldn’t see the fabric so much through leggings.

So comfortable

I never have liked boy short undies until these. They are so soft and thin rather than bulky. I like to sleep in them too. I have more on order.

I am 100% obsessed with these boy shorts. They're so comfortable to wear at home or during that time of the month. The material is super soft and breathable, I've been purchasing these for well over a year and they still look as good as when I first bought them.

skims has the best quality clothing I've ever purchased

Loved it

The colors is so beautiful and the fabric feels like silk against my skin 🤎

These underwear are so comfortable and they never ride up. Comfort and still sexy!!!!!

So comfy!

rides up and is see through

Good quality, very comfortable on.

Love this boy short - very comfortable.

Fit well and stretchy material! Very soft and comfy!

They don’t breathe very well.

Fits perfectly. Very comfortable.

So relieved to finally find undies that check all the boxes, especially after struggling to find the perfect pair after my C-section. They hit right below the belly button, don't cause wedgies and panty lines barely show. Excited to get some more!

Fit is great

These are so soft, great quality and comfy! I find skims runs small, I always size up to a large in their underwear. I’m 5’2” 117 lbs, 34D.

The boy shorts ride up all the time. It is very uncomfortable to wear all day.

I can’t get enough pairs of these! I’ve got 6 now and honestly don’t think I’ll buy any other underwear ever again!

Replaced my granny panties with these much cuter undies, but even more comfortable. I own most styles of the "fits everybody" and these are the ultimate sleep undie.

I like the color,it fits my skin.

Very Comfortable

I’ve told EVERYONE about how comfortable these are. Never had a pair of underwear so smooth and comfy before. Love them.

Underwear is often uncomfortable but I’ve never been more comfortable in my whole life. I love these. I usually wear XL but went up to 2x and am very happy

So comfortable, and I just feel like everyone needs a pair of these in their drawer.

Period that’s it.

So preety and unexpectedly sexy! BUT I can't wait to wear these panties on my period!!! Ugh it'll be so comfy and soft

Usually when I wear boyshorts they tend to roll up in the thigh and tummy area. These did roll in the thigh area but nothing that I would consider uncomfortable. The tummy area doesn't roll even after bending over. Very comfortable! I am a size 10, and 5'0/180lb for reference

Super soft beautiful material and the price for 3 wasn’t a shock to the purse strings. A must have ladies.

best-ever panties to wear under anything and everything. Absolutely recommend it for all sizes and all peeps.

I have never been a fan of boy shorts because they usually creep up on me but these don't! They're super comfortable, stretchy, and cute. Good quality material, a little pricey but so far they are worth it.

I loved them, size down. Giving three stars because it tore when I put on the first time. But I have others and they are very comfortable.

Love Love Love. Fit is perfect. Wish they were around a long time ago.

I bought these on a whim. So glad I did. They are so comfortable. I truly love them; I mainly sleep in them and wear them on weekends.

I have a few pairs of these and the ones I purchased last month are more shiny. You can see the elasticiness/nylon quality of them - the other pairs were matte and not as threadbare.

I like these panties. The material is nice. I think they would be perfect if they were just a bit higher waisted like the cotton boyshort.

Very very thin material. Very stretchy. Best fit out of all tried for more full coverage. If you are looking for true full coverage this is probably the only one that I found to have full bootie coverage as all others came out more cheeky on me. Didn’t ride up bootie like others from SKIMS do. However for price vs quality of material, meh, I’m not sold on this.

Comfortable and fits well

Super stretchy, light weight, and I’m obsessed with the color!

second time I've ordered the Boy Shorts, they are so soft and comfortable. I love the way they feel

Love so comfortable!! I will always be a skims customer. I just feel everything is throughly thought out. Thank you again for another wonderful product.

Love the fit and feel.

Great fit, and product.

Absolutely perfect, the best underwear I have ever worn!

Absolutely amazing

I absolutely love them! They are a perfect fit and it doesn’t even feel like you are wearing anything. No worries about panty lines or riding up. I will buy more.

Love it, fits so comfortable

The seams ripped and frayed literally right after the first wear. Awful quality.

So comfortable and no VPL.

These are my new fave comfy undies. I bought all new ones and threw out all my old undies. Big fan and I love these latest colors.

These shorts feel like you have nothing on! Doesn’t cut in at all and are so comfy!

Great fit, thin, not too thin, no panty line, comfortable, no wedgies.

I have loved all the items i have bought but for some reason this under wear on the first wear the under wear just ripped while putting them on not happy never saw that coming :(

I find the fabric of these briefs to be really inconsistent from purchase to purchase and the quality of fabric of the gold was really terrible.

Nice fit; not really truly seamless but not uncomfortable either. They are a smooth fit. Maybe a bit too stretchy for me. Over all I do like them and would consider buying again.

These shorts are soft like butter and I can barely feel them. They do ride up when wearing loose clothing but if the bottoms I’m wearing are tight than they are not even noticeable

Fit great and love the shimmer

Love them. comfortable and you don't know they are there.

Love these so much!

These boy shorts are amazing! I feel like I am wearing nothing, and I will continue to order more things from Skims!

Waist Rolls down easily would not ourchase again

These booty shorts according to my wife we’re soft comfy and stretchy to her liking/ she’s 5feet tall with all that booty. I loved it when she put them on!

These are incredible. I have very thick hips and thighs and I have never been able to wear boyshorts without them rolling up my thighs or down at the waist. I took a chance on these and they are literally incredible, no pantie lines and super comfy. I love that they come up to just below my belly button, feel like nothing, and never bunch or shift around. I just bought 3 more.

Amazing, very stretchy so even though I wear size M, almost everything from this collection I wear in size S and it fits perfectly.

Didn't quite fit me super comfortably. I like my underwear to be either full coverage, or a proper thong, I can't stand in between and these fit a bit more like that in between deal. I can't sand underwear that can't make up it's mind! lol

Comfy sexy i want to live in these 24/7

I have tried EVERY brand and finally found one that feels like I’m wearing nothing!!! No digging, no rolling. I will never purchase any other boy short!

I do love the sheer material. It feels like wearing nothing. I also love that the boys shorts don't ride up on me. But the seams are so minimal that they roll down at the top and up at my thighs. And probably TMI but the cotton crotch liner is way too small lengthwise because a little mid-cycle spotting missed it entirely and went right through to my pants.

The shorts are soft and very comfortable. I like that the shorts don’t go up my butt.

Amazing amazing amazing, needed a good pair of bottoms for day today aswell as on my cycle and these are the perfect pair !!!!!!